NameAbraham MOREY
Death9 Apr 1833, Homer, Burlington Township, Licking County, Ohio1187, booklet 3, Burlington Township, p. 20. Age: 59
BurialHomer Cemetery, Homer, Burlington Township, Licking County, Ohio1187, booklet 3, Burlington Township, p. 20.
FatherPhilemon MOREY (1743-1810)
MotherMrs. —— MOREY (<1753-1810)
Birth15 Mar 1779, Williamstown, Berkshire County, Massachusetts359, p. 83.
Death6 Sep 1842, Homer, Burlington Township, Licking County, Ohio6, p. 16. Age: 63
BurialHomer Cemetery, Homer, Burlington Township, Licking County, Ohio1187, booklet 3, Burlington Township, p. 20.
FatherJohn STRATTON (1748-)
ChildrenLaura (~1796-1850)
 Mary "Polly" (1798-1869)
 Asa (~1800-1860)
 Naomi "Nancy" (~1804-)
 Samantha (1807-1889)
 John Franklin (~1814-)
 William P. (1814-1852)
 Stillman Satterley (~1815-1893)
Notes for Abraham MOREY

Family Remembrance:1883 "In a cemetery at Homer, Ohio, there is an Abram Morey buried there, died in 1841 at about 60 years of age. He could be the father of the above (i.e., Asa, Stillman, John Franklin, Samantha, Polly, Laura, Norma) including my grandfather (i.e. William P. Morey) but I’m not sure. The courthouse in Licking County at Newark burned in 1872 and many records were lost. That has been the stumbling block on the Morey side. At Homer Cemetery away in the back part are some tombstones where Abraham Morey is buried and also infants of Abraham. One stone says Abraham Mory and one Abram Mory. It think it is the same person. Also are infants each of the Scott family, Wheeler family, and Tracy family." Written by Jay Dewey Morey, great-grandson of Abraham Morey and grandson of William P. Morey.

Biographical Sketch (1969):6, p. 6. "Abraham Morey, according to his tombstone, died Apr. 9, 1833, age 59 years, 10 months, 15 days. This would put his birthdate at approximately 25 May 1773. He is buried at Homer Cemetery, Homer (Licking County) Ohio, among many Rutland, Vermont people. His wife Abigail, deceased 6 Sept. 1842, age 63 years, 5 months, and 21 days, rests beside him. In the same row are members of the family of the marriage named Scott.

From a published county history, we learn that the maiden name of Abigail Morey was Stratton. Both at Licking County and at Rutland and Pittsford, Vermont, were Stratton families, though her exact connection has not been established from records now available.

With the possible exception of adoption by Philemon Morey, it would appear that Abraham Morey of Vermont (he appears in the 1800 Federal census of the Town of Rutland) is the son of this member of the Morey lineage. Loss of records at Licking County has made this proof difficult to obtain."

Biographical Sketch (1969):6, p. 16. "In these counties (i.e. Licking and Knox) in the 1830 Federal census, three families of the name Morey live in close proximity near the towns of Lock and Homer, Ohio. There are two senior members, Abraham Morey, in Burlington Township, Licking County, whose age proves to be 57, and Joseph Mory of Knox County, Milford Township, whose age is between 60 and 65. The third is a younger man, age 37, David (P.) Morey of Clinton Township, Knox County. Of these families, only that of Abraham Morey contains a male between 15 and 20 years who fills the sixteen-year-old bracket of William P. Morey.

From Homer Cemetery headstones we learn that Abraham Morey died April 9, 1833 age 59 years, 10 months, 15 days. Since the weather-worn condition of the monument makes reading difficult, some doubt remains as to 59 or 57. The stone of his wife Abigail’s grave reads died Sept. 6, 1842 aged 63 years, 5 months, 21 days."

1773 Birth:1187, booklet 3, Burlington Township, p. 20. Birth date of 2 May 1773 calculated based on age (59 years, 10 months, 15 days) on 1833 tombstone in Homer Cemetery, Burlington Township, Licking County, Ohio.

1790 U.S. Census:7, p. 44.,1932 Abraham enumerated in the household of his father Philemon Morey in Rutland Township, Rutland County, Vermont as the one male under 16; Abraham was about age 16. The three females also residing in the household were most like his mother and two sisters. His brother Joseph1931 was enumerated in Hartland Township, Windsor County, Vermont residing in a household of one.

1800 U.S. Census:148, p. 125.,2406
Rutland County, Vermont (Rutland Township)
Head of Family •• Abraham Morey
Males under 10 •• 1 << son Asa, newborn
Males 16-26 •• 1 << Abraham, age 26
Females under 10 •• 2 << daughters Laura, age 3, and Mary "Polly," age 2
Females 16-26 •• 1 << wife Abigail, age 21

1806 Freeman:6, p. 31. Sept. 1806, Abraham Morey admitted Freeman.

1810 U.S. Census: Abraham Morey family not definitively located in 1810 enumeration. Expected family pattern would be 10010-22010 or 01010-22010. (Asa, age 10 or 11; Abraham, age 37; Mary, age 12; Laura, age 11; Naomi, age 6; Samantha, age 2; and Abigail, age 31).
Abraham More641 - Bridport Township, Addison County, Vermont, p. 21. (Family pattern: 01101-30110) An Abraham More is listed in Bridport Township in both 1800 and 1820 which tends to indicate this is not our Abraham Morey.
Abraham Moor2420 - Mt. Holly Township, Rutland County, Vermont, p. 103. (Family pattern: 10010-30010) A John Moor and wife, both over 45, lived nearby. These could represent parents and thus tend to rule out this Abraham. On the other hand, there are unidentified females (under 10 and 10 to 16) in the household of brother Joseph Morey, also in Rutland. Perhaps one of Abraham's daughters was visiting Joseph's family?
Abraham Moore - Leicester Township, Addison County, Vermont, p. 11. (Family pattern: 11101-00201)
Abraham Moore - Wardsboro Township, Windham County, Vermont, p. 377. (Family pattern: 20010-23010)
Abraham Moore - Batavia Town, Genesee County, New York, p. 106. (Family pattern: 20010-30100) Obituary of daughter Samantha, born about 1807, indicates family moved to Genesee County shortly after her birth.
Abraham Morey - Champlain Township, Clinton County, New York, p. 9. (Family pattern: 10010-30011)

1820 U.S. Census:642
Ashtabula County, Ohio (Jefferson Township)
Head of Family •• Abraham Morey
Males under 10 •• 3 << William P., age 6; John Franklin, age 6; Stillman, age 5
Males over 45 •• 1 << Abraham, age 47
Females 10-16 •• 2 << Naomi, age 16; Samantha, age 13
Females 26-44 •• 1 << Abigail, age 41
Females over 45 •• 1 << Who is this?
Sons-in-law enumerated on same page: Arthur Briggs (husband of daughter Polly), age 26-44; his wife, age 16-26; and daughter under age 10; and William Wheeler (husband of daughter Laura), age 26-44; his wife, age 16-26; and daughter under age 10. Wilder Wheeler, believed to be the father of William, enumerated in adjacent household as male, over age 45. By 1830, these families were all living in Burlington Township, Licking County, Ohio.

1826 Tax List, Licking County, Ohio:927 Abraham Moorey listed in 1826 tax list for Licking County, Ohio.

1830 U.S. Census: In Burlington Township, Licking County, Ohio, the following families (and their affiliations) appeared within three pages, representing approximately 75 households: Abram Moory; Jeduthan Hopkins2374 (husband of Letutia Morey, niece of Abram, daughter of Joseph Morey); Lucy Hopkins (mother of Jeduthan Hopkins); Arthur Briggs2375 (husband of Abraham's daughter Polly); Wait Wright (Vermont immigrant); William Wheeler (husband of Abraham's daughter Laura); Adam Patterson1485 and his son Ephraim Patterson;1486 Philip Moore (husband of Lydia Patterson); Wilder Wheeler.

1830 U.S. Census:2373
Licking County, Ohio (Burlington Township)
Head of Family •• Abram Moory
Males 5-10 •• 1 << Either Stillman or John Franklin tallied as the wrong age?
Males 15-20 •• 1 << Stillman, age 15 or John Franklin, age 16?
Males 50-60 •• 1 << Abraham, age 57
Females 50-60 •• 1 << Abigail, age 51
William P. Morey might be the male age 15-20 enumerated in the household of Adam Patterson, along with his future wife Rebecca Patterson.

1831 Legal Proceedings1238 At the March 1831 term, Abraham Morey affirms to the court that about four years previous he purchased thirty three and a half acres from Marsheby Woodward for $100 by means of giving the $100 to Asa Morey in exchange for a promise by Asa to build a cabin for Abraham and his family on one acre of the land. Asa failed to build the cabin as promised. The court ruled that Abraham was entitled to the land.

1831 Legal Proceedings:1237 At the 30 March 1831 term, the Licking County Common Pleas Court found Asa Morey, defendant, in default and ordered him to convey a disputed tract to land to Abraham Morey, plaintiff, presumed to be Asa’s father.

1833 Tombstone:1187, booklet 3, Burlington Township, p. 20. Homer Cemetery, Burlington Township, Licking County, Ohio.
Abram Morey
d. April 9, 1833
59 years, 10 months, 15 days

1833 Estate Administration:1239,2161, p. 11. On 4 June 1833, Bryant Thornhill was named administrator of the estate of Abraham Morey, deceased. The widow of the deceased relinquished her right of administration. Wait Wright, Adam Patterson, and James Houck were appointed to appraise the estate.

1834 Estate Land Sale:1240 On 26 June 1834, in a petition to sell lands, the administrator of Abraham Morey’s estate is ordered to sell real estate subject to the widow’s dower.

1834 Estate Land Sale:1241 On 22 October 1834, Walter Thrall, counsel for the administrator of Abraham Morey’s estate, presents to the court the results of the sale of lands. The results are certified by the court and the administrator is ordered to provide the purchaser with a deed to the lands.

1834 Estate Petition:1242 During the October 1834 term of the Licking County Common Pleas Court, a petition to the court in connection with settling the estate of Abraham Morey, who died intestate, lists his "widow named Abigail Morey who is entitled to dower in said land and the following children heirs at law: namely, Asa Morey; William Wheeler and Laura his wife, late Laura Morey; Arthur Briggs and Polly his wife, late Polly Morey; Elias Tracy and Nancy his wife, late Nancy Morey; Josiah Scott and Samantha his wife, late Samantha Morey; Stillman Morey; and Franklin Morey, the two last of whom are minors under the age of twenty one years, all of whom reside in said County." William P. Morey not listed. Born about 1814, he would have been about nineteen years old at the time of Abraham's death in 1833.

1835 Estate Sale of Land:1243 On 9 July 1835, Bryant Thornhill, administrator for the estate of Abraham Morey, conveys thirty-three and one half acres of land to Josiah Scott for the sum of $224. Josiah Scott was married to Abraham’s daughter Samantha Morey.

1836 Relinquishment of Dower Right:1244 On 22 August 1836, Abigail Morey, widow of Abraham Morey "late of the township of Burlington," relinquished right of dower in thirty-three and one half acres, sold by the estate administrator to Josiah Scott, for the sum of $100. Josiah Scott was married to Abraham’s daughter Samantha Morey.
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