NameAsa MOREY 353
Birthabt 1800, Vermont2402
DeathApr 1860, Marion County, Ohio353 Age: 60
FatherAbraham MOREY (~1773-1833)
MotherAbigail STRATTON (1779-1842)
Birthabt 1801, Connecticut2402
Notes for Asa MOREY

1800 Birth: Birth year of 1800 estimated based on age (49 years) in 18502402 census enumeration and his presumed enumeration as a newborn (male under age 10) in the 18002406 enumeration. (Example: A person born and enumerated after 18 August 1800 would accurately report an age of 49 when he was enumerated on 17 August 1850.) Birth place of Rutland County, Vermont assumed given that parents Abraham Morey and Abigail Stratton were enumerated there in 1800.

1800 U.S. Census:148, p. 125.,2406 Asa enumerated in the household of his father Abraham Morey in Rutland Township, Rutland County, Vermont as a male under the age of 10; Asa was a newborn.

1810 U.S. Census: Parents Abraham Morey and Abigail Stratton not definitively located. Possible locations include Rutland and Addison counties in Vermont as well as Genesee and Clinton counties in New York.

1820 U.S. Census:639,640 An Asa Morey was enumerated in Belpre Township, Washington County, Ohio, while a Betsy Morey was enumerated in Waterford Township in the same county. The Asa of this enumeration was age 26 to 45; the Betsey, age 26 to 45 living with another female under the age of 10. This does not appear to be the family of Asa Morey, son of Abraham Morey and Abigail Stratton.

1827 Land Purchase:1236 On 20 February 1827, Asa Moorey purchased a tract of land in the second section of the fourth township in the thirteen range of the United States Military Land from Maseury and Mary Woodward for the sum of $100.

1831 Legal Matter:1238 At the March 1831 term, Abraham Morey affirms to the court that about four years previous he purchased thirty three and a half acres from Marsheby Woodward for $100 by means of giving the $100 to Asa Morey in exchange for a promise by Asa to build a cabin for Abraham and his family on one acre of the land. Asa failed to build the cabin as promised. The court ruled that Abraham was entitled to the land.

1831 Legal Matter:1237 At the 30 March 1831 term, the Licking County Common Pleas Court found Asa Morey, defendant, in default and ordered him to convey a disputed tract to land to Abraham Morey, plaintiff, presumed to be Asa’s father.

1834 Father's Estate Petition:1242 During the October 1834 term of the Licking County Common Pleas Court, a petition to the court in connection with settling the estate of Abraham Morey, who died intestate, lists his "widow named Abigail Morey who is entitled to dower in said land and the following children heirs at law: namely, Asa Morey; William Wheeler and Laura his wife, late Laura Morey; Arthur Briggs and Polly his wife, late Polly Morey; Elias Tracy and Nancy his wife, late Nancy Morey; Josiah Scott and Samantha his wife, late Samantha Morey; Stillman Morey; and Franklin Morey, the two last of whom are minors under the age of twenty one years, all of whom reside in said County."

1840 U.S. Census:2403
Delaware County, Ohio (Bennington Township)
Head of Family •• Asa Morey
Males under 5 •• 1 << son Stillman, age 3
Males 5-10 •• 1 << son Durfee, age 7
Males 10-15 •• 1 << son Abraham, age 12
Males 15-20 •• 1 << son Rennselaer, age 16
Males 30-40 •• 1 << Asa, age 39
Females •• 5-10 •• 1 << daughter Mercy, age 5
Females 30-40 •• 1 << wife Betsy, age 39
Total of 7 persons, 3 of whom were engaged in agriculture (assumed to be Asa, Rennselaer, and Abraham).

1842 Land Purchase:1245 On 21 September 1842, Asa Mory from Delaware County purchased land in that county from Loren Mills and Mariann Lord for the sum of $200.

1849 Land Purchase:1246 On 4 January 1849, Asa Mory purchased land in Morrow County, Ohio, from Elijah and Baldwin for the sum of $150.

1850 U.S. Census:2402
Morrow County, Ohio (Lincoln Township)
Enumerated 12 August 1850
Asa Morey •• 49, male, farmer, real estate value $500, born in Vermont
Betsy •• 49, female, born in Connecticut
Rennselaer •• 26, male, farmer, born in New York
Abraham •• 22, male, laborer, born in New York
Durfee •• 17, male, laborer, born in Ohio
Mercy •• 15, female, born in Ohio, attended school within the year
Stillman •• 13, male, born in Ohio, attended school within the year
William •• 7, male, born in Ohio, attended school within the year

1859 Land Sale:1247 On 28 March 1859, Asa and Betsey Morey sold 40 acres of land in Morrow County to Silah Barnard for $1,200.
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