NamePhilemon MOREY
Birth15 May 1743, Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts1856, p. 29.
Death28 Dec 1810, Rutland, Rutland County, Vermont6, p. 18. Age: 67
FatherJoseph MOREY (1710-)
MotherMary SWIFT (1715-)
Birthbef 17532401, p. 248-250.
Death15 Nov 1810, Rutland, Rutland County, Vermont2400, p. 70.,2401, p. 248-250. Age: 57
ChildrenJoseph (~1760->1840)
 Abraham (~1773-1833)
Notes for Philemon MOREY

Biographical Sketch (1969):6, p. 19. "Philemon Morey’s family leave the Plymouth records after 1745, and extensive research has not located their place of residence between 1745 and 1790 when Philemon appears at Rutland, Vermont."

Biographical Sketch (1969):6, p. 17-19. "With this strong evidence, the search goes back to Vermont, and especially to Rutland. The compiler studies Federal census records of 1790, 1800, and 1810, and examines court records of probate, land transfers, tax lists, and church records on file there and in Washington.

Philemon Morey is the first to appear. Though not on the tax lists of 1782 and 1787, he is found at Rutland in the Federal census record of 1790, with a wife, two daughters and a male 'under 16.' His is the only one of the name of Morey in Rutland in that census year.

By 1800, Philemon Morey, over 45 years of age, is still resident, and in addition Abraham Morey, a young married man under 26, with a son and two daughters under 10, and Joseph Morey, whose age we can reconstruct as between 30-35, are heads of separate households in the town. Abraham’s age in the 1800 census of 'under 26' could fit him into the family of 1790 Philemon Morey. Though this differs from the birth date as reconstructed from Abraham’s burial headstone, it is possible that a reading of '59 years' at death was actually '57.' The stone is weathered and difficult to read.

By 1810, only Joseph Morey’s name appears as the head of a household in Rutland, though Abraham Morey was at Rutland as late as 1806, when town records show he was designated a Freeman. Joseph Morey’s own age in this census was 40-45. In addition, his household contains a male and female over 45. Wait Wright and his father Simeon Wright live next to Morey.

Church records of West Rutland show that 'old Mrs. Morey' died November 15, 1810 and Philemon Morey the following month, December 28. It is the compiler’s belief that Joseph’s household included his aged parents.

The last deed of record in the name of Joseph Morey - and he was the only one of the family whose name appears as either Grantee or Grantor in indices of deeds at Rutland - was in 1812. This fits with the arrival of the family at Licking County in 1813.

Where Abraham Morey lived in the census of 1810 and 1820 has not been discovered, though a thorough search of these census years has been made in areas where Morey families were known to have lived - Washington and Saratoga Counties, New York; Rensselaer and Columbia Counties of the same State, etc. The loss by fire in 1875 of Licking County, Ohio records has made proof of his arrival date in that county difficult to obtain.

The family of Asa Morey, age 49 in the 1850 census of Morrow County, Ohio (adjoining Licking) indicates a strong family connection to Abraham Morey. From family records of Jay Dewey Morey, it appears Asa may have been a son, and therefore a brother of William P. Morey (1814-1852). In this family, the census shows residence from Vermont to New York State, as late as 1828 in the latter. The repetition of family names of Abraham, Stillman, and William as given names is an important clue.

Therefore, we conclude that (1) the Morey family came to Licking County, Ohio from Rutland, Vermont, and (2) that Abraham and Joseph Morey could have been sons of one Philemon Morey of Rutland from 1790 to 1810.

The search for an earlier record of Philemon proved very difficult. He is not found among the Revolutionary War records of New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island nor Connecticut. None of the scattered published material on the Morey families indicated such a given name.

Therefore, when a birth record of one Philemon Morey was found at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1743, son of Joseph Morey and his wife Mary Swift (Mayflower Descendant volume 17, p. 134), and this is the only one of this name found in an extensive search, we can conclude he is the man of Rutland, Vermont in 1790.

Families of the name Morey are found early in New London, Connecticut; Litchfield and Sharon of that State; the counties of Dutchess, Albany, Columbia, Rensselaer, Washington and Clinton had settlements in number of Moreys; and sons of an older brother of Joseph removed to Old Canaan, Connecticut before 1758, then to Burnt Hills, Saratoga County, New York before 1790. Some Morey families went to Quebec and New Brunswick in Canada. In census and tax lists, published county and local town histories, church records of all these locations (except Canada), the compiler has not found a trace of the family of Joseph Morey after 1745.

Names given to members of the Morey family of Licking and Knox Counties, Ohio in the seventh generation, indicate a possible connection with Stillman and Satterlee families. These latter surnames are found in census records of 1790 to 1820 in large numbers in Rensselaer and Columbia Counties, New York.

Therefore, while definite proof of the lineal descent of Abraham from Philemon, and of William P. from Abraham Morey, is not at present available and has not been found in a thorough search of genealogical sources, nevertheless there is strong evidence pointing to a conclusion of such descent."

Biographical Sketch (1969):6, p. 5-6. "Philemon Morey, born 15 May 1743.

Philemon Morey was a young man of nineteen years of age, living at Voluntown, Connecticut, when his older brother Joseph died prematurely in the winter of 1762/3. He filed a claim against his brother's estate, and is not located again in an official record of the area. In 1790, Philemon appears in Rutland, Vermont federal census of that year, as head of a family. Intensive research in all published records - and some filed only locally - show no other of that name existed during those years in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire, or Vermont. It is the compiler's opinion that Philemon Morey of the 1790 census was the Philemon Morey, son of Joseph and Mary Morey.

Location of his residence between 1765 and 1790 had not been determined. He is not included in published records of those who served in the Revolutionary War from northern areas. It is believed that he may have joined two brothers, Samuel and Elisha, another brother Lathrop, and removed to Albany County, New York, though specific evidence of this has not been found, 1790-1810.

Conveyances of real estate, town meetings books, church records, census records, record the names of Joseph, Philemon, Samuel, Elisha, and Abraham Morey at various times. Undoubtedly, this is the family of this lineage, for no other in the Morey line contained all of these names. Therefore, and especially because of the fact that Philemon Morey paid a fine imposed against Abraham Morey in March 1806 (Town Treasurer's Records, Rutland, Vermont, Book 1, p. 8) in a note signed jointly by them, indicating responsibility for debt, the obvious conclusion is that this lineage descends through Philemon Morey to Abraham.

Philemon Morey of Rutland, Vermont, must have arrived in that town shortly before the census-taking of that year. Both he and his wife died in the year 1810 at Rutland, and were probably in the household of his oldest son Joseph, in the U.S. census of that year. The church record of his wife's name gives only 'old Mrs. Morey died at the age of 57.'

From that generation there is little difficulty tracing the lineage. Many Rutland people migrated from 1806 to 1816 to Licking County, Ohio, as lands in that area opened up. Emigration was enthusiastically sponsored by Colonel Wait Wright (War 1812), who himself removed to Homer, Licking County, where his monument in the cemetery rests near that of Abraham Morey."

1743 Birth:1856, p. 29. Birth date of 15 May 1743 in Plymouth, Massachuetts taken from Wakefield’s Family of Richard Warren, the Fifth Generation Descendants of his Daughters Mary, Anna, and Elizabeth. Source believed to be Vital Records, Plymouth, vol. 1A, p. 216.

1763 Legal Matter:1417, p. 384. On p. 383 Prindle cites as his authority, Plainfield Probate District Records, no. 1502 and Voluntown Vital Records, 5:70.,1511 "He [i.e. Philemon] was named as a claimant in the 1763 administration on the estate of his brother Joseph."

1770 Rutland Settlement:378, p. x. Rutland, Vermont was first settled in 1770 and was in Charlotte County, New York from 1771-1777.

1771 Census of Vermont:378, p. i, xiv. In 1771, New York conducted a census of what was to become the state of Vermont. The total population of the town of Rutland was 22 individuals. Philemon Morey was not located in the 1771 enumeration.

1781 Rutland County Formation:378, p. vii.,366 Rutland County, Vermont was established in 1781 from Bennington and Charlotte counties. Rutland was the capital of Vermont from 1784 to 1804. It is the home of Vermont's oldest newspaper, the Rutland Herald, published continuously since 1794.

1790 U.S. Census:7, p. 44.,1932
Rutland County, Vermont (Rutland Township)
Head of Household •• Philemon Morey
Males 16 and over •• 1 << Philemon, age 47
Males under 16 •• 1 << Abraham, about age 16
Females •• 3 << wife, two daughters
Son Joseph1931 enumerated in Hartland Township, Windsor County, Vermont residing in a household of one.

1793 Freeman:6, p. 24. On 3 September 1793, Philemon Morey was admitted Freeman at Rutland, Vermont.

1796 Land Sale:6, p. 9. Philemon Morey sold 51 acres to Martin and Mathew Hopkins, recorded Jan 1, 1796. Morey originally purchased the land from John Patterson.

1797 Land Sale:6, p. 9. Philemon Morey of Rutland Co., Rutland Sta., Vt. sold 54 acres to Oliver Booge on Feb. 20, 1797.

1800 U.S. Census:148, p. 125.,2404
Rutland County, Vermont (Rutland Township)
Head of Family •• Philemon Morey
Males 16-26 •• 1
Males over 45 •• 1 << Philemon, age 57
Females 16-26 •• 1
Females over 45 •• 1 << wife of Philemon
Sons Joseph148, p. 125. and Abraham148, p. 125. enumerated separately in same location.

1807 Letter:2400, p. 18. The 4 April 1807 issue of the Rutland Herald stated that letters were being held at the Rutland Post Office for Joseph Morey and Philemon Morey, both of Rutland.

1808 Letter:2400, p. 40. The 8 October 1808 issue of the Rutland Herald stated that a letter was being held at the Rutland Post Office for Philemon Morey of Rutland.

1810 Letter:2400, p. 61. The 4 July 1810 issue of the Rutland Herald stated that a letter was being held at the Rutland Post Office for Philemon Morey of Rutland.

1810 U.S. Census:643 Philemon Morey enumerated in the household of his son Joseph Morey in Rutland Township, Rutland County, Vermont as the one male over age 45. Mrs. Morey also enumerated in the same household, along with Joseph, his wife Jane, and their nine children.
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