Magill Family Sketch
An American Adventure
Augusta County, Virginia - A member of one of the area's Scotch-Irish families, the first record of William Magill in Augusta County, Virginia, lists him as a church processioner in September 1747. His will was written in 1749 and his estate settled in 1858. John Magill, one of three sons and five daughters, was born around 1725 and he later joined with his children in a Westward migration after the Revolution. He died in Lincoln County, Kentucky in 1816.

Fayette and Bourbon Counties, Kentucky - Daughter Elizabeth Magill married Patriot Jeremiah Frame and raised a family in Bourbon and Fayette counties in Kentucky. Elizabeth Magill and Jeremiah Frame relocated to Preble County, Ohio about 1816, after a dispute over land in Fayette County.

Son John Magill authored The Pioneer to the Kentucky Emigrant, published in Frankfort, Kentucky in 1832. His 1838 letter to nephew Caleb Magill has helped researchers better understand this family. John Magill was associated with John Bradford, publisher of The Kentucke Gazette.

Preble County, Ohio - Jeremiah Frame died in Preble County, Ohio in 1828, with Elizabeth Magill surviving him until 1843. Both are buried in the Frame Cemetery in Jackson Township. Of Jeremiah and Elizabeth's nine children who reached adulthood, six remained in the Preble County area for the remainder of their lives:
However, three of Jeremiah and Elizabeth's children struck out to pioneer other areas:
The Frame family describes further generations of the families of William Frame and James Frame, including a trek on the Oregon Trail and as pioneers in Nebraska Territory.