Frame Family Sketch
An American Adventure
Augusta County, Virginia - William Frame, 1725-1783, patented 300 acres of land from King George II on the South branch of the North River of Shanando called the Naked Creek in 1748. William and his wife Susannah were members of the Old Augusta Stone Church and daughters Esther, Jennet, and Elizabeth, were baptized in the church by the Reverend John Craig.

William's son Jeremiah Frame and his cousins William Frame and John Frame were active in the Augusta County Militia during the Revolution.

Family chart of Jeremiah Frame, his wife Elizabeth Magill, and their ten children
Fayette and Bourbon Counties, Kentucky - Jeremiah Frame and his wife Elizabeth Magill sold the land on Naked Creek inherited upon William Frame's death in 1783 and by 1785 were in Fayette County, Kentucky on a grant of land from Edmund Randolph, Governor of Virginia, of 700 acres on Sycamore Fork, Slate Creek in Fayette County, Kentucky. His cousin John received a similar grant in the vicinity. Jeremiah Frame and wife Elizabeth Magill raised their growing family of nine surviving children in Fayette and Bourbon counties. The Frame Bible records the family events of this dynamic family, as transcribed by Edna Talbott Whitley in 1966.

In addition to Jeremiah's cousins William and John who relocated to Kentucky, Elizabeth's father John Magill and her seven siblings established homes in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Elizabeth remained in contact with her brother John Magill, the famous Kentucky historian, until his death in 1842.

Preble County, Ohio - Jeremiah Frame and his wife Elizabeth Magill moved their extended family to Jackson Township, Preble County, Ohio, in 1816, after several disputed land transactions in Bourbon County, Kentucky. By 1820, Jeremiah Frame and Elizabeth Magill had established the Frame homestead and, according to the census enumeration, were living adjacent to son John and wife Mary Hornbaker, son James and wife Susannah Bradshaw, daughter Mary and husband Joseph Snodgrass, and daughter Rachel and husband Thomas Tomlinson. Son Silas and daughter Susannah were living at home; both married the next year in 1821.

In 1820 oldest son Samuel and wife Betsey Martin along with next oldest son William and wife Peggy Jarrett remained in Kentucky. Daughter Elizabeth was married to Jacob Counts and living in Miami County, Ohio by 1820.

At age 76, Jeremiah died in 1828. By 1840 the widow Elizabeth Magill, age 84, was enumerated in the household of her youngest son Silas, who inherited the Frame family homestead upon Jeremiah's death. The adjacent household was occupied by oldest son Samuel Frame. Between the households of Silas and Samuel there were ten grandchildren. Elizabeth spent her last days surrounded by her extended family. She died in 1843 at age 88 and is buried in the Frame Cemetery, Preble County.

Of Jeremiah and Elizabeth's nine children who reached adulthood, six remained in the Preble County area for the remainder of their lives:
However, three of Jeremiah and Elizabeth's children struck out as pioneers in other areas:
Porter County, Indiana - William Frame, 1782-1839, his wife Margaret "Peggy" Jarrett, and his children became Porter County pioneers in 1834, establishing their families as some of the earliest in Porter County. Even though William, Sr., before the 1840 census, four of the eight children of William Frame and Peggy Jarrett were enumerated within fifteen families of one another. Those living in close proximity in Porter Township, on the western edge of the county, were the families of daughter Elizabeth Frame and her husband Samuel Campbell, son Newton Frame and wife Elizabeth Peake, son William Frame and wife Jane McCarrahan, and daughter Margaret Frame and husband William McCoy. Also within this enumeration group were several McCarrahan families, probably related to Jane McCarrahan, and two Forbes families, likely related to the wife of son Jeremiah.

Other children of William Frame and Margaret Jarrett were living in neighboring counties in 1840: son John Frame with his wife Eupha Peake and son Jeremiah Frame with his wife Lourena Forbes were living in La Porte County. Many later Frame descendants resided in Pine Township on the eastern edge of Porter County and in adjacent areas of La Porte County. Many family members are buried in Eight Square Cemetery in Pine Township.

Daughter Rosie Ann Frame and her husband Rodney Dunham were living in Hancock County, Indiana and they would be in Butler County, Ohio by 1850.

William's widow Margaret "Peggy" Jarrett was the female age 50 to 60 enumerated with daughter Rachel Frame and husband Presley Warnock in neighboring Lake County, Indiana. William Frame had died in September 1839 and as a recent widow, Peggy may have gone to help daughter Rachel with her three children, including the infant Elizabeth Jane. Margaret "Peggy " Jarrett died in 1848 in Porter County.

A daughter of Newton Frame and Elizabeth Peake, Lucinda Frame and Cyrus Bay married in early 1850, thus establishing another dynamic family in Porter County which ultimately had ties to Chicago, Illinois. The Bay family origin remains obscure, but they appear to have connections to the Crull family of Wayne County, Ohio and Henry, County Illinois.

Lafayette County, Wisconsin - James Frame, 1786-1852, son of family Patriarch Jeremiah Frame and brother to William Frame of Porter County, Indiana, moved his family to Vermilion County, Illinois in 1830 and then to Adams County, Illinois in 1840. By 1850 James Frame and Susannah Bradshaw along with five of their sons (Jeremiah Frame, John Frame, Thomas Frame, Silas Frame, and James Frame) were enumerated as adjacent families in Argyle Township, Lafayette County, Wisconsin. The occupation of all the males was "miner." Son Jeremiah Frame and his wife Elizabeth Strader were in the Unorganized Territories of Nebraska by 1880.

The Oregon Trail - Presley Warnock was a widower with an adventurous spirit living in Porter County in 1853. Wanting to establish a new life for his family, Presley Warnock along with his five children and his McCoy nephews (John McCoy and Weeden McCoy) traversed the Oregon Trail. According to family lore, the group arrived in Oregon City, Clackamas County on 25 September 1853. The Warnock children married other Oregon pioneers and established families through the Pacific northwest.
Colusa County, California - Margaret Frame McCoy continued the adventurous spirit shown by earlier Frame pioneers when she joined her three sons who had followed the Oregon Trail a decade earlier. She reached the Western lands by 1870. By 1880 the widowed Margaret Frame McCoy and sons John McCoy, Francis McCoy, and Weeden McCoy were living in Colusa County, California, while sons George Washington McCoy and Oliver McCoy were nearby in Tehama County.