Augusta County, Virginia, Family Sketches
An American Adventure
Frame - The Frame family of Augusta County, Virginia migrated through West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and from there fanned out through the nation. James Frame and wife Jane were in Augusta County by 1749; James died shortly thereafter. Their sons James Frame, John Frame, and William Frame each raised large families. The focus here is on Patriot Jeremiah Frame and his wife Elizabeth Magill, who removed to Kentucky in 1784 and were in Preble County, Ohio by 1816. Descendants were some of the first settlers in Porter County, Indiana.

Magill - A member of one of the area's Scotch-Irish families, John Magill was born about 1725 in Augusta County, Virginia, but joined with his children in a Westward migration after the Revolution. He died in Lincoln County, Kentucky in 1816. Daughter Elizabeth Magill married Patriot Jeremiah Frame and raised a family in Fayette and Bourbon counties in Kentucky.

Moore - "Peter Mohr (Moore) of nearby Falling Springs land" has been identified as the father of Jacob Moore and Rebecca Moore or Mohr. Rebecca married Adam Patterson in 1805. Both Moore children removed to Licking County, Ohio around 1810. Other researchers have determined that Peter Moore had two other children: John, born about 1779 and Polly, born about 1874. John Moore or Mohr may have married Mary Patterson, a sister of Adam, and moved to Licking County. Further research into the Moore or Mohr family in both Augusta County, Virginia and Licking County, Ohio is needed.

Patterson - When John Patterson died in 1749, he left an infant son also named John Patterson, who went on to raise a strong family of five children. Son George Patterson remained in Augusta County, while other family members left the area. George, as well as daughter Sarah "Sally" Patterson, married into the Sillin family. Son Adam Patterson became a pioneer in Licking County, Ohio in 1810, raising an extended family of thirteen children by three wives.

Sillin - Gaspar Sillin and wife Lydia Jones raised a family of ten children in Augusta County, two of whom married into the Patterson family. Son John Sillin married Sarah "Sally" Patterson and joined the Augusta residents in their journey to Licking County, Ohio.