Frame Bible Records
An American Adventure
Source: Genealogical records of Jeremiah Frame, photocopy of ms. transcription of Frame Bible records, contributed by Margaret Dunning Chapter, Daughters of the American Colonists, Topeka, Kansas, prepared by Mrs. John Patrick Feighny, 1963 (Fiche 6101006 Family History Library)

"Jeremiah Frame of Jackson Township, Preble County, Ohio, was a Revolutionary Soldier who came from Augusta County, Virginia; the son of William and Susannah Frame. He was in Kentucky as early as 1782. He moved to Ohio in 1815 and is buried on the land which he owned.

The following Bible Records, which were donated by Mrs. John F. Feighny, a descendant of Jeremiah Frame, were obtained by her from Mrs. Wade Whitley of Paris, Kentucky. Mrs. Whitley originally secured them, as she states in the notarized statement, from Miss Faith Stewart, whose father, Thomas Stewart, owned the Bible. Thomas Stewart was the son of Rachel Frame (Silas, Jeremiah) and Joel S. Stewart (Steward). (See pp. 246-247, A Biographical History of Preble County, Ohio; published by the Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois, 1900.)

This Bible record was copied by Miss Faith Stewart from the Bible of Jeremiah Frame, owned by his great-grandson, her father Thomas J. Stewart of West Alexandria, Ohio, who also owns the original deed to the farm signed in 1816 by President James Madison. At the time she copied this record Miss Faith Stewart was a teacher at Lewisburg, Tennessee. The Jeremiah Frame farm of 160 acres in Jackson Township, Preble County, Ohio, is owned by Mrs. Leland Campbell, Campbellstown, a descendant who directed us to the Bible.
• Jeremiah Frame, July 16, 1752
• Elizabeth McGill Frame, Mar. 20, 1755
• Samuel Frame, Nov. 14, 1779
• William Frame, Feb. 10, 1782
• John Frame, Feb. 18, 1784
• James & David Frame, Apr. 25, 1786
• Mary Frame, Dec. 6, 1788
• Elizabeth Frame, Sept. 13, 1791
• Rachel Frame, Dec. 4, 1794
• Susannah Frame, June 19, 1797
• Jeremiah Frame, Nov. 18, 1799
• Silas Frame, Feb. 11, 1801
• David Frame, May 16, 1786
• Jeremiah Frame (twin), Nov. 18, 1799
• John Frame, Sept. 26, 1828
• Jeremiah Frame, Dec. 9, 1828
• Elizabeth Frame, June 9, 1843
• Samuel Frame, 1847
• Silas Frame, Oct. 2, 1864
• Jeremiah and Elizabeth McGill Frame, Sept. 8, 1777, married in Virginia
• Samuel and Elizabeth Frame, Sept. 16, 1802
• William & Margaret, Mar. 29, 1803
• James & Susanna, Mar. 9, 1809
• Joseph Snodgrass & Mary, Apr. 26, 1810
• Jacob Counts & Elizabeth, Oct. 20, 1815
• John & Polly Frame, Nov. 14, 1815
• Thos. Tomlinson & Rachel, Mar. 10, 1818
• Peter Fall & Susanna, Feb. 8, 1821
• Silas & Polly Strader Frame, Sept. 27, 1821
• Silas & Welthy Frame Jan. 10, 1842
State of Kentucky, County of Bourbon. I, Frank G. Matthews, Notary Public in and for the state and county aforesaid do certify that Edna Talbott Whitley, resident of the state and county appeared before me and declared that she has correctly copied the above record which was furnished her when she was seeking the Bible record of William Frame, her great-great-great grandfather, trying to determine whether he was William the brother of the above Jeremiah, or William the first cousin of Jeremiah both of whom came to this part of Kentucky at an early date. Dated 4-18-66."