Morey Family Sketch
An American Adventure
Plymouth Colony - From the Plymouth Colony, the Roger Morey family, with connections to Mayflower passenger Richard Warren, spread throughout New England.

Three generation descendant chart for Philemon Morey and his two sons Joseph Morey and Abraham Morey
Rutland County, Vermont - Philemon Morey, 1743-1810, identified by Wakefield as a Mayflower fifth generation descendant, was in Rutland, Vermont at the time of the 1790 census enumeration. Several notices published between 1807 and 1810 in the Rutland Herald for letters being held for Philemon Morey at the Rutland Post Office indicate that Philemon was literate and carried on a vigorous correspondence, probably with other family members. Philemon and his wife both died about 1810. Congregational Church records as well as the Rutland Herald noted the passing of Mrs. Morey on 15 November 1810.

Sons Joseph Morey and wife Jane along with Abraham Morey and wife Abigail Stratton established their families in Rutland. About 1813, after the death of Philemon Morey, they joined with other families from the area in relocating to Licking County, Ohio.

Knox County, Ohio - Joseph Morey, 1760-ca. 1840, moved to Granville, Licking County around 1813 with wife Jane, bringing the skills he learned as a stonemason in Rutland County, Vermont. Joseph relocated his family to Knox County by 1830. Joseph's son David Morey and wife Harriet Reynolds remained in the Knox County area and cared for Joseph and his wife Jane until their deaths around 1850. Son Joseph Morey and second wife Rhoda Daily remained in Knox County until their deaths near the end of the century. Daughter Letutia Morey married Jeduthan Hopkins; the couple were in St. Joseph County, Indiana by 1840, with Jeduthan surviving Letutia by almost forty years.

Licking County, Ohio - Abraham Morey, 1773-1883, was in Licking County by at least 1826 and probably many years before, settling with wife Abigail Stratton near Homer, Burlington Township, near the home of Adam Patterson. The three oldest of Abraham's children remained in the Licking or Knox County area to raise their families. Laura Morey and husband William Wheeler died in the early 1850s, leaving a minor son. Mary "Polly" Morey and husband Arthur Briggs relocated to neighboring Knox County, while Asa Morey and wife Betsy moved around in various counties and are reported to have died in Marion County. Daughter Naomi "Nancy" Morey and husband Elias Tracy relocated to Allen County in northwestern Ohio.

The five youngest of Abraham Morey's children left the Licking and Knox County area in search of better lives for their families, many maintaining the close relationship to Adam Patterson's descendants. First to leave was Abraham's son William P. Morey who married Rebecca Patterson, the daughter of Adam Patterson, and moved his family to Auglaize (then Allen) County, Ohio, around 1837. A decade later several of Abraham Morey's children accompanied those of Adam Patterson to take up new lives in Iowa.

Family chart of William P. Morey, his wife Rebecca Patterson, and their eight children
Auglaize County, Ohio
Photo of Stillman Morey and his family
- William P. Morey, 1814-1852, relocated his family to Auglaize County about 1837. William P. Morey died suddenly in 1852 at age of 37 in a barn-raising accident, leaving a widow and eight children. Andrew Jackson Morey and wife Sophia McMurray, Stillman Morey and wife Amanda Hoopingarner, Matilda Morey and husband John Richardson, along with Cyrus Morey and wife Sarah Bitters remained in the Auglaize or Allen County area. Son Ephraim Morey was killed in the Civil War at Big Shanty in 1864.

Johnson County, Iowa - By 1860, two of Abraham Morey's sons were in Johnson County, Iowa, living near descendants of Adam Patterson who had arrived in the area before 1850. Both Stillman Morey and wife Melinda Neely and John Franklin Morey were in Johnson County during the 1860 census enumeration.

Washington County, Iowa - Wilson Shannon Morey, a grandson of Abraham Morey, was living across the county line in Washington County in 1860 with the family of his cousin Sophia J. Moore, who herself was a granddaughter of Adam Patterson, and her husband William Billingsley. Wilson married Margaret Huff shortly thereafter and established his home in Ringgold County, Iowa. He died in 1931 in Washington County, Colorado, near the home of son George Morey.

Photo of Martin Van Buren Morey and his family
Junction County, Iowa - After service with the 50th Ohio Volunteers, Martin Van Buren Morey and wife Catherine Forbes established their home in Dallas County, Iowa, retiring to Junction County about 1893.

Floyd County, Iowa - Abraham Morey's youngest daughter Samantha Morey, born in Vermont, raised in Licking County, Ohio, relocated with husband Josiah Scott about 1853 to Floyd County. Josiah died in 1861, with Samantha surviving him for another thirty years before her death in 1889.

Saline County, Nebraska - Stillman Morey and wife Melinda Neely moved further west to Saline County, Nebraska by 1873 when Melinda and three of their children were killed in a tragic prairie fire during a heroic rescue attempt by Melinda.