Stratton Family Sketch
An American Adventure
Berkshire County, Massachusetts - Abigail Stratton was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts, on 15 March 1779 to John Stratton and his wife Mary, as recorded in the Vital Records of Williamstown, Massachusetts.

Rutland County, Vermont -- Abigail most certainly lived during a portion of her life in Rutland County, Vermont, including the early 1800s when she married Abraham Morey

Licking County, Ohio - Abigail died in Licking County, Ohio in 6 September 1842. Other Stratton family information is taken from largely Harriet Russell Stratton's A Book of Strattons.

In addition to family lore which indicates Abigail Stratton was the wife of Abraham Morey, evidence can be found on the tombstone of Abigail Morey, which reads:

Abigail Morey
died Sept. 6, 1842
aged 63 years, 5 months, 21 days

This is consistent with the date recorded in Vital Records of Williamstown, Massachusetts for the birth of daughter Abigail to John and Mary Stratton.