NameJohan Jacob SCHNEBELE
Birth7 Dec 1645, Affoltern am Albis, Canton Zurich, Switzerland736, v. 1, p. 345-346.,168, p. 26.
FatherJacob SCHNEBELE (1618-)
ChildrenHans Jacob (1670-1714)
 Jos (1672-1712)
 Jacob (1673-~1713)
 Anna (1675-1706)
 Hans (~1678-~1682)
 Heinrich (1680-)
 Johannes (1682-)
 Hans Rudolph (1685-)
 Regina (1689-1702)
Notes for Johan Jacob SCHNEBELE

Biographical Sketch (1985):69, p. 96, 98. "The earliest known ancestor of Susannah Baughman was Johannes Jacob Schnebelli. Later this name was to have several different spellings including Schnebley and Snavely. The name, which is of Swiss origin, means ‘snow.’ A Bible belonging to Johannes Jacob Schnebelli came into the possession of his son-in-law in 1696. The Bible is one which was printed in Zurich and completed there the 26th of March, 1536.169 According to this Bible source, Johannes Jacob Schnebly was from Ibersheim.

Ibersheim was a village in Rheinhessen, Germany near the Rhine about eight miles north of Worms. The Mennonite church there was probably the oldest church established after the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) in the Palatinate west of the Rhine. Because the Mennonites were capable farmers, they seemed to have been favored by the land owners. As a result they were granted twelve years leases of the crown estates. Their status was much more favorable than other Mennonite groups. In fact, some of the Ibersheim Mennonites were granted ownership of lands as early as 1685. Nowhere else was this practice true. However, when the French came through the Palatinate, their armies did not respect the rights of the Ibersheim Mennonites. Therefore, like other Mennonites and Anabaptist groups, the Ibersheim people were in great difficulty.

It is unknown whether or not Johannes Jacob Schnebelli came to the Colonies. We do know his [grand]daughter, Maria, who married John George Bachman came with her husband to Pennsylvania."

Biographical Sketch (1986):168, p. 26. As her authority, Washburn cites an unpublished communication by Ken Hottle, May 5, 1983, Allentown, Pennsylvania. "Johann Jacob Schnebele (b. ca. 1620-30, prob. Affoltern am Albis, Canton Z├╝rich, Switzerland) may be the Johann Jacob Schnebele of Ibersheim Hof, owner of the Bible inscribed 'This Bible belongs to the House of Jacob Schnebeli of Ibersheim and came into my possession in 1696. Johannes Jacob Schnebley.'" A second inscription, 'This Bible belongs to Wendelteiss Schnebelli and is in love so recorded in the year of our lord 1708,' indicates that it was passed down to another family member, perhaps on the death of this Johann Jacob.169 Ibersheim Hof is near Heilbronn (on the Neckar River), south of Heidelberg and Mannheim, on the main route of the Mennonite migration."

Biographical Sketch (1995):736, v. 1, p. 345-346. "Jacob Schnebeli, b. 7 Dec 1645. He married Barbara Habersaat of Aeugst. They were both living at Affoltern, Zurich in 1695 and 1708. Barbara died 21 Feb 1711. Her death was recorded at the end of the year in the church register of Affoltern which may mean that it occurred away from Affoltern. Jacob lived at Mannheim, Germany in 1717 as a Mennonite widower. In 1711 he wrote a letter to fellow Mennonite Jacob Frey in Switzerland. He may have signed a letter at Mannheim in 1727. He gave a Bible to Dielman Kolb before Kolb's departure for Pennsylvania in 1717. Dielman Kolb married Elisabeth widow of Jacob Schnebeli, son of this Jacob Schnebeli."
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