NameHans Jacob SCHNEBELE
Birth25 Nov 1670, Affoltern am Albis, Canton Zurich, Switzerland736, v. 1, p. 346.
Deathby 1714672 Age: 43
OccupationPreacher672,168, p. 26.
FatherJohan Jacob SCHNEBELE (1645-)
MotherBarbara HABERSAAT (-1711)
ChildrenAnna Maria (1698-1776)
 Jacob (~1700-1781)
Notes for Hans Jacob SCHNEBELE

Is this the same as Jacob Schnebeli, 1673-1714?

Biographical Sketch (1995):736, v. 1, p. 346. "Hans Jacob Schnebeli, b. 25 Nov 1670, Affoltern. In 1695 it was reported at Affoltern that he was a 'Taufer.' He may have lived at Ibersheim, Pfalz. He wrote in his Bible in 1696, 'This Bible belongs to Hans Jacob Schnebeli of the Ibersheimerhof and was received from my father-in-law.' The next inscription states that 'This Bible belongs to Wendelteiss Schnebelli and is in love so recorded in the year of our Lord 1708.' (This Wendelteiss (or Matheiss) may have been a son of Hans Jacob born about 1697 and who died young.) Hans Jacob possibly received the Bible as a wedding present. The Bible was next in the possession of Anna Maria Schenebeli who married Hans Georg Bachman and left from Ibersheim in 1717 for Pennsylvania. He may be the Hans Jacob Schnebeli who signed letters at Mannheim in 1706, 1717 and in 1727 as a Mennonite minister. In a letter dated 26 Jul 1710, Martin Egli, Hans Blimm and Christian Rupp of Alsace asked Hans Jacob Schnebeli and Tillman Kolb (probably Sr.) in the Pfalz to assist 30 Anabaptists prisoners from Switzerland. He signed a letter at Ibersheim in 1709 and a letter at Mannheim in 1715 as a leader of the Mennonites there. In 1710 he received a letter as a Mennonite elder in the Pfalz."

Biographical Sketch (1992):672 "This particular copy [the 1536 Froschauer Schnebelli-Bachmann Family Bible] came from an unknown ancestor of the Anabaptist Schnebelli family who lived in the Zurich area. In the 1640s or 1650s, it seems to have moved with this family, first to the Alsace and from there down the Rhine River to the Ibersheimer Hof, just north of Worms in the Palatinate.

In 1696, the Bible was owned by a preacher Hans Jacob Schnebelli of the Ibersheimer Hof who signed it: 'This Bible belongs to the Hans Jacob Schnebelli at the Ibersheimer Hof and was received from my father-in-law. Anno 1696. Johann Jacob Schnebely.'

This Hans Jacob Schnebelli appears to be the Preacher Hans Jacob Schenbelli who lived at Mannheim and the Ibersheimer Hof and who assisted in the 1710 flight of Swiss Anabaptist refugees on their way down the Rhine River to the Palatinate.672, As his authority, Alderfer cites H. Frank Eshleman, Historic Background and Annals of the Swiss and German Pioneer Settlers of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1969, p. 171.

In 1708, the Bible was owned by Matthias Schnebelli at the Ibersheimerhof, probably an unmarried son of Hans Jacob Schnebelli.168, p. 645-647

Next to the title page of the second part is found a very rare 1708 Palatine frakture bookplate with the inscription: 'This Bible belongs to the Matthias Schnebly at the Ibersheimerhof, and it is in love so written in the year of Christ, 1708.' This made the piece even more unique, since this must be one of the earliest pieces of Mennonite fraktur that we have seen.

The father, preacher Hans Jacob Schnebelli, died by 1714."

1711 in the Palatinate:168, p. 37. "Hans Jacob Schnebeli, a Mennonite deacon of Swiss ancestry, was living in the Palatinate in 1711; he may have been the same Hans Jacob Schnebeli of Ueberheimerhof in the Palatinate who, among others, signed a letter written by a number of Palatinate ministers in Holland in 1709, but again there is no indication he ever came to America."
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