Birth10 Jan 1774, Augusta County, Virginia81
ChristeningOld Stone Church, Augusta County, Virginia82
Death8 Apr 1855, Licking County, Ohio82,1276 Age: 81
BurialPatterson Cemetery, Burlington Township, Licking County, Ohio1187, booklet 3, Burlington Township, p. 6.
OccupationMiller, farmer81,660, v. 2, p. 732-733.
FatherJohn PATTERSON (~1747-1822)
Mother—— —— (-<1806)
Birthbet 1776-1778, Augusta County, Virginia
Deathbef Nov 1805, Augusta County, Virginia1439, p. 41.,731, p. 161. Age: 29
FatherEnos JONES Sr. (-1806)
Marriage26 Mar 1796, Augusta County, Virginia559, v. 2, p. 320 (Augusta County Marriage Bonds)
ChildrenElizabeth (~1797-1863)
 Lydia (~1798-1854)
Birthabt 1789, Augusta County, Virginia82
Deathabt 23 Jun 1819, Burlington Township, Licking County, Ohio1954 Age: 30
BurialPatterson Cemetery, Burlington Township, Licking County, Ohio1276,1187, booklet 3, Burlington Township, p. 6.,1954
Marriage12 Nov 1805, Augusta County, Virginia1439, p. 41.,731, p. 161.
ChildrenEphraim (~1807-1863)
 Hannah (1809-1863)
 Rebecca (1817-1893)
Birth17 Apr 1802, near Wheeling, West Virginia82,660, v. 2, p. 732-733.
Death1 Apr 1890, Licking County, Ohio195 Age: 87
BurialPatterson Cemetery, Burlington Township, Licking County, Ohio82,1187, booklet 3, Burlington Township, p. 6.
Marriage27 Jan 1820, Licking County, Ohio2444
ChildrenRuinda (Never married) (~1822-1902)
 Malinda (Never married) (1823-1876)
 Matilda (1824-1910)
 Jurdon (1827-1911)
 Cordelia (1829-1910)
 Addison (Never married) (1832-1911)
 Maria (1838-1905)
Notes for Adam PATTERSON

Biographical Sketch (1881):449, p. 407.,660, v. 1, p. 343.,1187, booklet 3, Burlington Township, last page. "The first settlers in the township, as nearly as can now be ascertained, were James Dunlap, Cornelius Vanausdal, Henry Oldacre, Nathan Conard, John Johnson, Jonathan Beaty, Hugh McKindley, Adam Patterson, John Dixon and Thomas Dixon in 1806; David Wallace, J. Helphry, Jesse Van Fossen, John Chonner, James Butcher, James Dickey and Jesse Smith in 1808; George McCrary, Timothy Chapman, James, John, and Abner McLain, Thomas Scott and Henry McKindley about 1810; and a little later Wait Wright, Samuel Edmon, Adam Patterson, Van Simmons, Thomas Bare and Ezra Mead."

Biographical Sketch (1894):1164, p. 412. "[Adam Patterson] was one of the first settlers of this township, having come here in 1810. On coming here he was obliged to cut his way through the timber from Utica, a distance of five or six miles. His first marriage resulted in the birth of two children, Betsy and Lydia, both deceased. His second wife, Rebecca Moore, was a sister of our subject’s (i.e. Van. R. Moore’s) father, and one son and two daughters were born of this union, all now deceased. By his third marriage he had seven children, two sons and five daughters, of whom six are now living, Mrs. Moore being one of the number."

Biographical Sketch (1909):660, v. 2, p. 732-733. "For something over one hundred years the Patterson family has been identified with the agricultural and stock-raising interests of this county. Early in the nineteenth century his ancestors located in this region, being among the pioneer settlers who came into this section of the country when the land was in its primitive condition and, bravely meeting the hardships and privations of pioneer life, assisted in its cultivation until it was transformed into fertile fields. In those early days one could not come into that region and buy or rent a farm which stood in readiness for cultivation because most of the land was in its original state and had never felt the plowshare or produced crops of waving grain. Timber and stony ground greeted the eyes of the first settlers and while the soil was good, yet, being overgrown with underbrush and in every respect in a rough state, it was only by hard and incessant labor that they were able to convert it into pleasant and fruitful farming country. It was in Burlington Township, on August 27, 1827, that the birth of Jurdon Patterson occurred. He was the son of Adam Patterson and Ann (Crow) Patterson and his father was born in Augusta County, Virginia, and his mother near Wheeling, West Virginia. In the year 1810 Adam Patterson emigrated to Licking County from his old home in Virginia and purchased a large tract of land which he cleared and put into condition for farming and upon which he lived and labored until he departed this life, in April 1855, preceding his wife into that land from which no traveler returns by forty-five years. They reared a family of seven children, the following ones surviving: Matilda, wife of E. R. Moore; Cordelia, who was united in marriage with A. Householder, of this township; Addison; and Jurdon."

Biographical Sketch (1972):81 "Adam Patterson, born in Augusta County, Virginia, 10 January 1774, oldest son of John Patterson, and wife, name not known. He married, first, Sophia Jones, daughter of Enos, who bore him two daughters, Elizabeth and Lydia, before her death in 1804-05. Adam was a miller, as were his progenitors, living on his ancestral land.

Following the death of his first wife, he married Rebecca Moore, daughter of Peter Mohr (Moore) of nearby Falling Springs land, the marriage bond dated 2 November 1805. They remained in Virginia through the summer of 1810, when, with others of the area, they took up land in Licking County, Ohio and removed to that locality. On September 7, 1810, Adam and Rebecca (Moore) Patterson conveyed five acres on the south side of Middle River to his brother George.

Three children were born to this couple during the decade, and there may have been others which did not survive. A son was born between 1807 and 1810, and two daughters between 1810 and 1820, one Rebecca Patterson in 1816.

Rebecca (Moore) Patterson appears to have died shortly after the Federal Census of 1820 was taken in Licking County. Within a short time, Adam Patterson took a third wife, Anne Crowe, he forty-seven years of age and she nineteen. His family at that time consisted of his two daughters by the first marriage, now young women, and a son and two small daughters by his marriage to Rebecca Moore. During the next decade, the family increased by seven more children born to the marriage.

The Patterson homestead was 3 1/2 miles southwest of Homer, Ohio, and near the Bennington Township line at a crossroads now the present U.S. Highway 62 and State Route 657. Adam Patterson acquired a considerable amount of property which remained in the family of his widow Ann during his lifetime, and was left to her two sons Jordan and Addison Patterson upon her death. Adjoining the homestead was the property of relatives of the Moore family. In the neighborhood were several families of Sillings and others from Augusta County.

Adam Patterson died 8 April 1855, age 82 years, 2 months, and 28 days; his third wife, Anne, surviving him until 1 April 1890."

1774 Birth:81 Other Patterson researcher has identified 10 January 1774 as the birth date of Adam Patterson. This is supported by the marriage bond for Adam Patterson and Sophia Jones on 26 March 1796, which cites Adam's age as 22 years. Adam identified as a son of John Patterson in Patterson's will2593 written 23 January 1815 in Augusta County, Virginia. John Patterson's will named the children of John Patterson as sons Adam and George and daughters Jane Patterson, Sara Sillings, and Polly Moore. Alternatively, Adam Patterson's age at death of 82 years 2 months, and 28 days, as indicated by tombstone in Patterson Cemetery, Licking County, would indicate birth date of 11 January 1773.

1790 Augusta County, Virginia Tax List:2601, District B, p. 14. 14 June 1790, John Patterson, three white male tithables over the age of 16, no slaves, 7 horses. The three tithables are assumed to be John Patterson and sons Adam and George.

1796 Marriage:559, v. 2, p. 320 (Augusta County Marriage Bonds),1439, p. 27. 26 March 1796, a Sunday, Adam Patterson and Enos Jones, surety. Adam Patterson and Sophia Jones, daughter of said Enos Jones. Adam is 22 years old in January, 1796. Minister William Willson731, p. 161, 412. was Presbyterian minister of Augusta Stone (Old Stone) Church.

1800 Augusta County, Virginia Tax List:2601, District B, p. 23. April 2, 1800, Adam Patterson, one white male tithable over the age of 16, no slaves, two horses, $24 tax. Tax assessor visited father John Patterson and brother George Patterson on the same day.

1804 Mill Dam Agreement:1796 On 21 February 1804, Adam Patterson and Christopher Montle, both of Augusta County, Virginia, made an agreement that for payment of Ten pounds Adam can construct a mill dam on the Middle River in such a way as not to injure the spring belonging to Christopher Montle. Witnessed by Jno. Gamble, Jas. Snapp, James Strain, Elisha Hodgson and recorded at an Augusta County Court on 24 April 1804.

1804 Land Purchase:1797 On 29 October 1804, John Patterson sold 5 acres of land on the "south side of the Middle River" to Adam Patterson, the land encompassing "Adam Patterson's mill, dwelling home and barn and also as much of river opposite to said five acres as belongs to said John Patterson."

1805 Marriage:731, p. 161. Adam & Rebeckah Mohr, 12 Nov 1805. Minister: William King. William King731, p. 410. was Episcopal minister of Trinity Church, Staunton, Virginia. Bushman's2821, p. 12. review of the original record confirms the name was written as "Mohr."

1806 Burlington Township Settler:1607, p. 27. Adam Patterson identified as a Burlington Township settler who arrived in 1806.

1810 U.S. Census:1645
Augusta County, Virginia
Head of Family •• Adam Patterson
Males under 10 •• 1 << Ephraim, age 2
Males 26-45 •• 2 << Adam, age 36, and one other person(?)
Males over 45 •• 1 << perhaps Peter Mohr, father-in-law ?
Females under 10 •• 2 << Elizabeth and Lydia, daughters of first wife Sophia, about ages 12 and 13
Females 16-26 •• 1 << wife Rebecca

1810 Land Purchase:1289 7 November deed of sale for approximately 334 acres from Joseph Tugert, Alexander McLaughlin, and Robert Taylor to Adam Patterson for $1,150.16.

1810 Tax List, Licking County, Ohio:42, p. 225. Adam Patterson not listed.

1816 Tax List, Licking County, Ohio:926,42, p. 229. Adam Patterson listed in 1816 tax list for Licking County, Ohio, with land in range 13, township 14.

1819 Land Sale:1290 Deed of sale of approximately 100 acres from Adam Patterson to Elizabeth Patterson and Lydia Patterson for $300.

1820 Marriage:2444, p. 101. Adam Patterson married Ann Crow on 27 January 1820 in Licking County, Ohio, performed by John Green, Minister of the Gospel.

1820 U.S. Census:1483
Licking County, Ohio (Burlington Township)
Head of Family •• Adam Patterson
males 10-16 •• 1 << Ephraim, age 12 (by wife Rebecca Moore)
males over 45 •• 1 << Adam, age 46
females under 10 •• 2 << Hannah, 10; Rebecca, age 3 (both by wife Rebecca Moore)
females 16-26 •• 2 << wife Ann Crow, about age 19, daughter Lydia, age 22 (by wife Sophia Jones)
females 26-45 •• 1 << Elizabeth, age 23 (by wife Sophia Jones)
Household has one person engaged in agriculture. Lydia married in November of 1820.

1826 Tax List, Licking County, Ohio:927 Adam Patterson listed in 1826 tax list for Licking County, Ohio.

1830 U.S. Census:1485
Licking County, Ohio (Burlington Township)
Head of Family •• Adam Patterson
males under 5 •• 1 << son Jordan, age 3
males 5-10 •• 1 << grandson Cyrus, son of Elizabeth, age 6, born 1824
males 15-20 •• 1 << could this be William P. Morey, age 16?
males 20-30 •• 1 << possibly the consort of Elizabeth?
males 50-60 •• 1 << Adam, age 56
females 5-10 •• 3 << daughters Ruinda, age 9; Malinda, age 6; Matilda, age 4
females 10-15 •• 1 << daughter Rebecca, age 13 (by wife Rebecca Moore)
females 15-20 •• 1 << daughter Hannah, age 18 (by wife Rebecca Moore
females 20-30 •• 1 << wife Ann Crow, age 28
females 30-40 •• 1 << daughter Elizabeth (by wife Sophia Jones) age 33
females 40-50 •• 1
Households of son Ephraim Patterson1486 and son-in-law Philip B. Moore2377 (husband of daughter Lydia) are adjacent.

1832 Estate Executor:2161, p. 4. On 19 march 1832, Adam Patterson appointed as an executor of the estate of Daniel Helphrey.

1833 Estate Appraiser:1239 On 4 June 1833, Adam Patterson appointed by the Common Pleas Court of Licking County to serve as an appraiser for the estate of Abraham Morey. Adam's daughter Rebecca married Abraham Morey's son William P. Morey about two years later in 1835.

1833 Land Sale:1292 Deed of sale for approximately 125 acres from Adam Patterson to Ephraim Patterson for $10.00 on 27 June 1833.

1840 U.S. Census: In Burlington Township, Licking County, the following families (and their affiliations) appeared within the last forty-four households enumerated: Jacob Moore1488 (Patterson brother-in-law), Arthur Briggs2108 (Morey son-in-law), Wait Wright (Vermont family), W. P. Morey1489 (Adam Patterson's son-in-law), William Wheeler2109 (Morey son-in-law), John Sillin1491 (Adam Patterson's brother-in-law), Adam Patterson,1490 and Ephraim Patterson1284 (son of Adam Patterson).

1840 U.S. Census:1490
Licking County, Ohio (Burlington Township)
Head of Family •• Adam Patterson
Males 5-10 •• 1 << son Addison, about age 7
Males 10-15 •• 1 << son Jurdon, age 13
Males 15-20 •• 1 << grandson Cyrus, son of Elizabeth, age 16
Males 20-30 •• 1 << possibly the consort of Elizabeth?
Males 60-70 •• 1 << Adam, age 67
Females under 5 •• 1 << daughter Mary, age 2
Females 5-10 •• 1 << daughter Cordelia, age 9
Females 15-20 •• 3 << daughters Matilda, age 16; Malinda, about 16; Ruinda, age 19
Females 20-30 •• 1 << probably wife Ann, age 38
Females 40-50 •• 1 << daughter Elizabeth (by wife Sophia Jones) age 43
Three persons in this household engaged in agriculture, probably Adam Patterson, grandson Cyrus Patterson, and an as yet unidenfitied male aged 20 to 30, possibly the consort of Elizabeth.

1850 U.S. Census:1638
Licking County, Ohio (Burlington Township)
Enumerated 4 October 1850
Adam Patterson •• 77, male, farmer, real estate $5,600, born in Virginia
Anne •• 49, female, born in Virginia
Ruinda •• 28, female, born in Ohio
Melinda •• 27, female, born in Ohio
Matilda •• 25, female, born in Ohio
Jordan •• 23, male, born in Ohio
Cordelia •• 19, female, born in Ohio
Adison •• 17, male, born in Ohio
Maria •• 12, female, born in Ohio
Evan (?) Moore •• 38, male, born in Ohio

1855 Tombstone:1187, booklet 3, Burlington Township, p. 6.,1276 Patterson Cemetery, Burlington Township, Licking County, Ohio.
Adam Patterson
d. Apr 8, 1855
age 82y 2m 28d
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