NameFrancis PEAKE
Birthabt 1780, Pennsylvania1228
Residence1804, Campbell County, Kentucky2334 Age: 24
Residence1820, Stonelick Township, Clermont County, Ohio2240 Age: 40
Residence1830, Dixon Township, Preble County, Ohio2241 Age: 50
Residence1840, La Porte County, Indiana2216 Age: 60
Residence1860, Portage Township, Porter County, Indiana1443 Age: 80
Deathaft 18601443 Age: 80
FatherThomas PEAKE (~1732-~1811)
Deathbetwen 1804-1810, probably Campbell County, Kentucky
FatherAdam GLORE (~1747-~1845)
MotherMargaret CRISLER (~1750-~1830)
Marriage17 Jan 1804, Campbell County, Kentucky2334
ChildrenSt. Clair (~1804-~1840)
Birthabt 1790, Kentucky1228
Deathbetween 1850 and 1860, Porter County, Indiana1228,1443 Age: 60
ChildrenUfa (~1810-1860)
 Elizabeth (1811-1893)
 Hubbard (~1819-)
 Malinda (~1825-)
 Sophia (~1830-)
 Lucinda (~1828-)
Notes for Francis PEAKE

Biographical Sketch (2002):
2251, p. 112. "Francis Peake, it is almost certain, was the 12th child of Thomas and Lettice (Moseley) Peake. He was born about 1780 in that part of Virginia which later became Washington County, Pennsylvania. When he was around 12 years of age his family migrated 'down the river' to the area around present Cincinnati, living first in Hamilton (later Butler) County, NW Territory (Ohio), then about 1795 moving to Campbell County, Kentucky. On 19 January 1804 he married, in Campbell County, Eupha (Ufa, Euphey) Glore, daughter of Adam Glore and Margaret Chrisler. Shortly afterward, on 9 February 1804, Francis gave bond for his sister Eleanor's marriage to Soloman Wayman in Campbell County. By 1812 Francis and his family were in Clermont County, Ohio and were enumerated there in the 1820 census."

1804 Marriage:2334 Marriage of Francis Peek to Euphey Glore on 17 January 1804 in Campbell County, Kentucky. Laurence Sandford was bondsman.

Birth of son St. Clair between 1804-1805: St. Clair enumerated La Porte County, Indiana2217 as a male age 30 to 40 in the 1840 census. This researcher assumes, therefore, that St. Clair's birth occurred between the January 1804 marriage of Francis Peak2334 and Euphey Glore and the birth in 1810 of Ufa Peak, who married in John Frame1720 in November 1827. Based on St. Clair's marriage1496 to Lucinda Case in 1833, this researcher likewise assumes his birth took place in late 1804 or early 1805.

Death of wife Ufa Glore before 1810:431,1503,438, v. 1, p. 78. Ufa Peake, daughter of Francis Peake and a subsequent wife, was born between 1810 in Ohio (based on 1850 and 1860 census enumeration) and 1815 (based on tombstone in Eight Square Cemetery, Pine Township, Porter County, Indiana). Presumably, Ufa Glore Peak was deceased by the time of Ufa Peake's birth.

1810 U.S. Census: Francis Peake not located. Other reseachers have indicated Francis' name appears in civil records in Clermont County, Ohio in 1812. The 1810 census of that area does not exist. A Francis Peake was enumerated in Nelson County, Kentucky, but is assumed to be part of another Peake family who settled in that area. Francis Peake's family settled in Campbell and Boone counties in Kentucky.

1820 U.S. Census:2240
Clermont County, Ohio (Stonelick Township)
Head of Family •• Francis Peak
Males under 10 •• 2 <<Hubbard, age 1 and another, unknown son
Males 10-16 •• 2 << Sinclair and another, unknown son
Males 26-45 •• 1 << Francis, age 40
Females under 10 •• 1 << Elizabeth, age 9
Females 10-16 •• 1 << Eupha, age 10
Females 26-45 •• 1 << wife (Eupha or Lucinda ??)
Persons engaged in agriculture •• 1 << Francis

1825 Darke County, Ohio Census:2083 No listing for surnames Peek, Peak, Peake, or Frame in this enumeration taken in Darke County in 1825.

1827 in Preble County, Ohio:1720 Francis Peake's daughter Eupha married John Frame on 27 November 1827 in Preble County, Ohio, making it likely the entire family was settled in Preble County by that time.

1830 U.S. Census:2241
Preble County, Ohio (Dixon Township)
Head of Family •• Francis Peek
Males 10-15 •• 2 << Hubbard, age 11, and another, unknown son
Males 20-30 •• 1 << Sinclair
Males 40-50 •• 1 << Francis, age 50
Females under 5 •• 2 << Lucinda, age 2, and Sophia, newborn
Females 5-10 •• 1 << Malinda, age 5
Females 30-40 •• 1 << wife (Lucinda or Eupha ??)
Daughters Elizabeth and Eupha both married by 1830.

1830 Land Purchase:1464, p. 251. On 14 December 1830, Francis Peek was an original purchaser of federal land in the Miami River Survey in Darke County, range 1, township 11, section 29.

1831 Land Patent:2082 On 2 April 1831 the U.S. General Land Office issued Certificate no. 2000 to Francis Peek of Darke County, Ohio for 80 acres, Range 1E of the Meridian West of the Greater Miami, Township 11N, Section 29, sold at the Cincinnati Land Office on 14 December 1830.

1833 Court Witness:1179, v. 1, p. 109. Francis Peak, Charles Larsh, John Swerer, Martin Ammerman, Samuel McLellan, Phil Reid, John Taylor sworn to testify before Preble County, Ohio Grand Jury, 30 September 1833.

1833 Estate Appraiser:1179, v. 1, p. 110. Preble County, Ohio: "Court appointed Jesse Toney adm. of estate of John Peters. Bond - Charles Street and Francis Peak. Appraisers - Robert Swisher, George Kelly and Stephen Peters, 1 October 1833."

1835 Adam Glore Will:2474, p. 476. On 14 January 1835, Adam Glore wrote a will in Campbell County, Kentucky which bequeathed goods to "my grandson St. Clair Peak as the sole heir of my daughter Ufa Peak deceased formerly Ufa Glore." From this, it is concluded that Ufa died prior to 14 January 1835.

1835 Land Transfer:1179, v. 1, p. 140. Preble County, Ohio: "7 August 1835, Richard Morris vs. Isaac Shumaker et al - in chancery - Sec. 16 leased 99 to Isaac Shumaker, transferred part of Jehu Rhea and Philip Cole. Cole to John Frame and Frame to Richard Morris. Lot 4 leased to John Runyon, part to Philip Cole. Cole to John Frame, Frame to William Wilson, Wilson to Charles Price, Price to Jehu Rhea, Rhea to Thomas Adkins, Adkins to Francis Peake, Peake to Richard Morris."

1835 Land Transfer:1179, v. 1, p. 140. Preble County, Ohio: "7 August 1835, Joseph Quinn v. Samuel Parks - in chancery - Sec. 16, 19t 6, leased to Parks 99 years. Parks to Asa Woodworth who failed to pay rent, sold to Paul Larsh. Larsh to James Clark, Clark to Younger W. Peake. Peake to Robert Bishop, Bishop to Quinn. Samuel also sold part to George Parks. He to Stephen Clemons, Clemons to Pressley, Pressley to Adkins, Adkins part to Francis Peake, part to Emanuel Huffman, Huffman to Quinn."

1840 U.S. Census:2216
La Porte County, Indiana
Head of Family •• Francis Peak
Males 20-30 •• 1 << son Hubbard Peak, age 21
Males 50-60 •• 1 << Francis Peak, age 60
Females 5-10 •• 1 << daughter Sophia, age 10
Females 10-15 •• 1 << daughter Lucinda, age 12
Females 15-20 •• 1 << daughter Malinda, age 15
Females 20-30 •• 1 << possibly an unknown daughter or an earlier wife for Hubbard?
Females 50-60 •• 1 << wife Lucinda, age 50
The Sinclair Peak2217 family of six is listed seven households before Francis Peak.

1850 U.S. Census:1228
Porter County, Indiana (Portage Township, Porter City)
Enumerated 9 October 1850
Francis Peak •• 70, male, real estate value $1,000, born in Pennsylvania
Lucinda •• 60, female, born in Kentucky
Lucinda •• 22, female, born in Ohio
Sophia •• 20, female, born in Ohio
Warren Wart •• 8, male, born in Indiana
Alma Wart •• 2, female, born in Indiana
Warner E. Wart •• 2 months, male, born in Indiana
Malinda Wart •• 25, female, born in Ohio

1859 Marriage:2201 On 28 November 1859, a marriage license was issued to Francis Peak and Mariah Alexander in Porter County, Indiana. No return was filed to attest to the marriage ceremony being performed. Given that Francis would have been 79 years of age at the time of this marriage, it is most likely that this represents a marriage of a son, grandson, or nephew also named Francis Peak.

1860 U.S. Census:1443
Porter County, Indiana (Portage Township, Wheeler Post Office)
Enumerated 23 September 1860
Francis Peak •• 80, male, white, farm laborer, personal property value $800, born in Kentucky
Lucinda Peak •• 32, female, white, servant, born in Ohio
Household is adjacent to that of Hubbard Peake,1444 presumed to be son of Francis.
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