An American Adventure
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Reproduced with permission from The Siegfrieds of Siegfried's Bridge, by Leon Borst.
eBay auction of Robert McMurray's Tintype, February 2004
Images of Robert McMurray from the eBay auction
Images of the Tintype case from the eBay auction
Made 26 September 1832 (Pension File W4632)
Certificate of Pension, dated 24 April 1833, granting George Baughman $30 per year beginning 4 March 1831. Arrears of $60 for 1831 through 1883 and $15 for the partial period ending September 1833 were also granted. George died 13 September 1834.
Made 6 September 1844 (Pension File W4632)
Barbara Baughman, widow of George Baughman, recorded on the Roll of Pensioners under the Act of February 2, 1848, page 333, volume 4, continuing George's pension at the rate of $30 per year. Barbara died 22 September 1850.
Translation of the German Prayer and Hymn Book listing the births of the Baughman children; translated 23 July 1919 by Fred J. Braendle.
US War Department Pension Office statement on 19 April 1833 regarding the Revolutionary War service of George Baughman, Franklin County, Ohio.
1936 Letter to Mrs. H. D. Pritchard summarizing the contents of the George Baughman Pension File
1844 statement by Samuel Baughman, son of George and Barbara Baughman, in support of Barbara's pension.