Phillips Family Sketch
An American Adventure
New Jersey - Jonathan Phillips, who may have been born on board ship while crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and his wife Rachel Suydam married in 1847. There are indications this marriage took place in New Jersey, but that is not yet proven. Daughter Marietta Phillips was born in February 1850 and son Edward Dougherty Phillips was born in August 1851. Misfortune struck the family with Marietta's death in 1853 and again with Rachel's death in 1856. The fate of Jonathan Phillips is unknown.

Porter County, Indiana - Edward Dougherty Phillips married Lucy Elizabeth Bay in 1878 in Porter County at the home of her father, Cyrus Bay. Only one of their children survived into adulthood: Otis Edward Phillips, Sr., born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1891. Two daughters died tragically of typhoid fever, Irene Phillips in 1886 and Aurie Marie Phillips in 1903.

Cook County, Illinois - Edward and Lucy made their home in Chicago until Edward's death in 1912. Their son Otis Edward Phillips, Sr., married Helen Adele Cannady in Cook County, Illinois in 1914. Helen Adele was the daughter of George Cannady and Mary Ryder, who married in 1892 and raised a family of six children.

By 1923, Otis Edward Phillips, Sr., his wife Helen Adele Cannady, and his mother Lucy Elizabeth Bay Phillips, had relocated to Los Angeles, California.