Good Family Sketch
An American Adventure
York County, Pennsylvania - Jacob Good married Eve Mosser, daughter of Abraham Mosser and Barbara Sheely, in York County, Pennsylvania and were enumerated there in Windsor Township in the 1800 census.

Tuscarawas County, Ohio - By the mid-1800s, Jacob Good and Eve Mosser were in Tuscarawas County, Ohio with the extended family of Abraham Mosser. In 1807 Abraham Moser and Jacob Good received permits from Muskingum County, the civil jurisdiction until the 1808 establishment of Tuscarawas County, to "keep public houses of entertainment." Jacob Good appeared on Tuscarawas County tax lists through 1816. Their daughter Elizabeth Good was married there to Conrad Reghart on the 17 July 1808 by Abraham Mosser, who was Justice of the Peace of Lawrence Township,Tuscarawas County.

Another daughter of Abraham Mosser, Mary Ann Mosser, married John Taylor in 1803 and resided in Tuscarawas County with Abraham and the Good family, until John's death in 1842.

Washington Counties, Pennsylvania - By 1819, Catherine Good, a daughter of Jacob Good and Eve Mosser was married in Canton Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. In 1823, Jacob Good and Eve Mosser "of Washington County, Pennsylvania" sold property in Tuscarawas County, along with Eve's sister Elizabeth Mosser and her husband Christian Harnish. Jacob Good died in Washington County in 1830 and Eve died there in 1843.