NameGeorge WINE
ChildrenCatharine (~1742-~1814)
Notes for George WINE

Biographical Sketch (1912):1907, p. 73. "George Wine (Wein), his wife, and two little sons landed in Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 24, 1749. He settled in York County, Pa., and in 1770, it is known, they were members of the Little Canowago congregation."

Biographical Sketch (1960):1757, p. 5. "Johann George Wine, with his wife, Margaretta, and two young sons, emigrated from the River Rhine, Germany, landing at Germantown or Philadelphia, Pa., August 24, 1749. He settled in York County, Pa., with the two children that were born in Germany; and there is a strong probability that others were born in America. The two born in Germany were Adam Wine, born about 1744, and Michael Wine, born May 27, 1747."

Biographical Sketch (1971):1886, p. 8. "There is a tradition, probably true, though not verified, that there were other children born to John George and Margaretta Wine after their coming to America. Another tradition says that several of John George’s brothers followed him to America. Unless either the Jacob Wein who came in 1752 or the Jacob Wein (Wynn) who came in 1753, or the John Wein who came in 1803, can be identified as his brother, nothing has been found to verify it. Among Revolutionary War veterans there are lsited possibly six or eight Wines from Pennsylvania. Up to this time the author has not identified any of them."

1749 Immigration:103, v. 1, List 124 C, p. 390. Johann Görg Wien arrived in Philadelphia from Rotterdam but last from Cowes, on the ship Elliot (Captain James Adams) and took the usual Qualifications to the Government on 24 August 1749. Eight-seven names were on the list, all males; the ship Elliot carried 240 passengers.

1797 Residence:1899 "On the question of where did George and Margaret Wine live in Maryland at the time of George’s death in 1797, we have some clues but no proof. By paying attention to the names of the people who appeared to be close to him at the time of his death, we think he was in the Woodsboro area. When we found a field stone used as a marker in the old Wolfe Cemetery a few miles from Woodsboro, incribed with G W - or C W - we thought that his could well be the grave of George Wine and that he had not lived many miles away. Some day proof may be found."

1797 Will:1899, As his authority, Poling cites Frederick County Will Book GM3/162-163. List of "all my children" who were to share in George Wine’s estate: Michael Wine, Catherine Bowman, Anna Martha Miller (deceased), Frederick Wine (deceased), Christian Wine, Mary Renner.

Descendant Information

Children:1899 "All of the Wine children named in the George Wine will lived in Frederick County, Maryland at some time in their lives. When they left York County, Pennsylvania, where their parents were members of the Little Conewago congregation of German Baptist Brethren (‘Dunkers,’ now Brethren), they moved south into Maryland. Four of them settled among the Brethren on the large tract of land called ‘Spring Plains’ which Elder Jacob Danner bought from John Diggs in 1762. This was near present-day Woodsboro, about ten miles northeast of Frederick, the county seat. The other two Wine children were attracted to the strong German Baptist Brethren community that developed on Broad Run in Middletown Valley, about 10-12 miles southwest of Frederick. The two areas are 20 miles apart.

The Wines who settled near Woodsboro consisted of Michael Wine; Catherine Wine who first married Christopher Steel and later a Bowman; Anna Martha Wine, probably married to Jacob Miller ‘of 1748,’ and Mary Wine who married John Renner. Brethren congregations that developed out of this settlement were Beaver Dam and Monocacy. Pipe Creek was not far away."

Michael Wine:1907, p. 73 "Michael, the youngest son, who was but three years old when he landed in America, and who is the ancestor of nearly all the Wines in the United States, married Susanna Miller, of Frederick., Md., about the year 1773, and moved to Shenandoah County, Va., near Forestville, in 1785. They had twelve children, six sons and six daughters."
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