NameLetutia MOREY
Birthabt 1807, Rutland, Rutland County, Vermont2371, p. 351.,2368
Residence1830, Burlington Township, Licking County, Ohio2374 Age: 23
Residence1850, Jackson Township, Elkhart County, Indiana2368 Age: 43
Death16 Oct 1855, Rensselaer, Jasper County, Indiana2371, p. 351. Age: 48
FatherJoseph MOREY Sr. (~1760->1840)
MotherJane —— (~1773-1851)
Birth17 Feb 1805, Pittsford, Rutland County, Vermont2371, p. 351.
Death6 May 1892, Rensselaer, Jasper County, Indiana2371, p. 351. Age: 87
Marriage12 Oct 1826, Knox County, Ohio1248, p. 5.
Notes for Letutia MOREY

Biographical Sketch (1932):2371, p. 351-352. "Jeduthan D., b. at Pittsford, Vermont, or in Cayuga County, New York, 17 February 1805; m. (1) Letutia Morey, b. 1807, who d. at Rensselaer, Indiana, 16 October 1855; m. (2) 16 April 1856, Mrs. Mary Jane Clark, b. 10 January 1828, widow of Mervin Clark and daughter of Amariah and Elizabeth (Hines) Tharp (Descts. of John Clark, of Farmington (1882), p. 59)."

1807 Birth:2371, p. 351.,2368 Birth year of 1807 estimated based on age (42 years) in 1850 census enumeration. Birth place of Vermont taken from 1850 enumeration and is consistent with parents Joseph and Jane Morey’s residence in Rutland County, Vermont in the 1800148, p. 125. and 1810643 enumerations.

1830 U.S. Census:2374 Letutia enumerated in the household of her husband Jeduthan Hopkins in Burlington Township, Licking County, Ohio as a female age 20 to 30; Letutia was about age 23. Two sons under the age of 5 were also enumerated.

1840 U.S. Census:2372 Letutia enumerated in the household of her husband Jeduthan Hopkins in St. Joseph County, Indiana as a female, age 30 to 40; Letutia was about age 43. Six sons and one daughter were in also in the household.

1850 U.S. Census:2368 Letutia enumerated in the household of her husband Jeduthan Hopins in Jackson Township, Elkhart County, Indiana as a female, age 42, born in Vermont. Sons Caleb Cassius, age 14, and Philander Ross, age 10, were also living in the household. Jane Nulty, age 8, also living in household, her relationship not apparent. Son Raphael Jeduthan enumerated as adjacent household with his young family.

1851 Letter:1293 See sister-in-law Harriet C. Reynolds for letter written to sister-in-law Letutia Hopkins informing Letutia of her mother’s death. Jane Morey died 9 June 1851 and was buried in Hall, Litzenburg, Patterson, Poppleton Cemetery, Milford Township, Knox County, Ohio.

1852 Letter:676 Received by Letutia Morey Hopkins from Lucius Morey. Lucius Morey not yet identified, although from the context, Lucius would appear to be the grandson of Joseph Morey.

1 Feb. 1852
Mt. Vernon, Oh.
[Note: Mt. Vernon is county seat of Knox County, Ohio]

I now take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well at present and hopng these few lines will find you the same, mother and father are well at present.

Aunt Maria has been very sick, I believe she is better. Maria is married. She has some symptoms of fits yet. I think she is getting better.

I expect you look for me to come there in the spring but I don't ever expect to come there again. I have bought a farm adjoining father, I gave two thousand dollars for it.

I expect that Newman and Morey are going to California in the spring, I should like to hear from you all and what you are doing and if you and Morey are going to California in the spring. There are a great many going from Mount Vernon, in the spring to California.

Spielman Mead is keeping a store at Lock. Lutian and Galutia are very bad boys. They get very drunk.

Henry Morey has sold his farm and bought a farm three miles from Mount Vernon. Lyman is going to school at Delaware they have a great meeting at Lock. There has been a great many going to the church. There has been a great murder commited here close to Mount Vernon. Mister Lofever was his name. There were three men went to rob a man up by Mansfield they robbed him of thirteen hundred dollars, they went from Vernon and two of them froze to death when they was a coming home, the other is in jail at Mansfield.

We heard uncle William is dead. He went after some Cedar posts.

Aunt Marian has gone to Wisconsin and all of the Pattersons, the old lady died before she got there.

We have had the hardest winter here it has been colder this winter than it has been for fifteen years. It froze cattle to death. They say that they have never seen it so cold in Ohio.

Newman I expect that you will take care of the girl, Julia Algure. I send my best respects to her and mister Bugbee and the shop mates. I think that mister Bugbee is as fine a man that I ever worked for in my life. I have been offered as much as I could get there.

Write as soon as you can your affectionate friend.

Lucius Morey

1855 Death:2371, p. 351. According to Timothy Hopkins in John Hopkins of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1634, and some of his descendants, Letutia Morey died at Rensselaer, Indiana, on 16 October 1855.
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