NameJames MAGILL
Birthabt 1724836
Death18041058, p. 171. Age: 80
FatherWilliam MAGILL (~1690-1749)
ChildrenWilliam (ch. 1748-)
Notes for James MAGILL

Biographical Sketch (1996):1058, p. 159-160. "James, son of William Magill I and his unknown first wife, was born about 1724 according to a deposition in the District Court of Staunton, Virginia dated 7th November 1798 in which his age is given in 74. He was married and had one son by the time of his father’s death in 1749. We have found no record of his marriage but naming sons Robert Magill and Alexander Magill, the latter naming a son Robert Alexander Magill, suggests his wife may have been an Alexander. . . .

James Magill served in the Militia in 1758 with his brother William. He appears in a 1784 tax list of Rockingham County, Virginia (formed in 1778 from Augusta) with his sons James Magill and Alexander Magill. It is likely that James Magill was married to a daughter of William Alexander, the emigrant and a sister of Robert Alexander. In 1789 his property consistsed of 438 acres of land, 10 horses and 1 slave. His children are believed to be: Martha Jane Magill, b. ca. 1745 Pennsylvania, m. 1765 Rockingham County, Virginia to Alexander Hamilton, b. 1741, moved to Abbeville, South Carolina; William Magill, baptized 21 April 1748-1797 m. ca. 1770 Joan Fowler; Esther Magill, b. ca. 1755, m. 24 September 1782 Alexander Gilmer; John Magill, 1757-1834, Washington County, Indiana, m. 4 April 1782 Mercer County, Kentucky, Mary James; Alexander Magill, b. 21 May 1758 married before 1757; James Magill, b. ca. 1760, m. 28 May 1781 to Jane Fulton; Margaret Magill, ca. 1762, m. 28 March 1783 to Robert Henry; and Robert, b. ca. 1769, m. 19 February 1791 Mercer County, Kentucky, to Mary Wakefield."

1748 Baptism:850, p. 478. James McGill had son William baptised in the congregation of Rev. John Craig in Augusta County, Virginia, 21 April 1748.

1754 Legal Matters:385, p. 201-202. 8 November 1755. James Magill among the "sundry inhabitants" of West Rockingham who petitioned in the matter of the behavior of one John O'Neal, who was found guilty through a writ of 'Scire facias on recognizance,' issued in connection with a suit brought against him by the King. (Judgments at Rules, March 1756, (A) King v. O’Neal; Chalkley;559, v. 1, p. 313 (Augusta County Court Records, Order Book no. XXIV) Waddell543, p. 131.)."

1755 Tax List, Augusta County, Virginia:559, v. 2, p. 418-419 (Augusta County Tax Delinquents) James McGill listed as delinquent on the 1756 Augusta County tax list, by reason of ‘not found.’

1760 Church Tithe:559, v. 2, p. 462 (Augusta Parish Vestry Book, p. 272) James McGill and William Frame processioned for 1760. (Processions refer to chirch tithes.)

1760 Land Grant:1100 On 29 May 1760 King George II granted James McGill 195 acres of land on the head of the north fork of Linwell’s Creek for the sum of twenty shillings.

1762 Military Service:559, v. 1, p. 101 (Augusta County Court Records, Order Book no. VII, p. 361) James McGill qualified Lieutenant of Militia.

1762 Land Grant:1098 On 25 September 1762 King George III granted James Magill "54 acres on the south side of the North River of Shanando" for the sum of five shillings.

1763 Land Grant:1099 On 23 May 1763 King George III granted James Magill "154 acres adjoining Andrew Erwins land and the land Willm. Magill and Campbell" for the sum of fifteen shillings.

1765 Military Service:559, v. 1, p. 121 (Augusta County Court Records, Order Book no. IX, p. 348) James McGill qualified Captain of Militia.

1768 Highway Surveyor:559, v. 1, p. 145 (Augusta County Court Records, Order Book no. XI, p. 496) On 15 March 1768 Robert Fowler appointed surveyor for highway, vice James McGill. [Note: Robert Fowler is husband of James’ sister Ann].

1775 Estate Appraiser:559, v. 3, p. 140 (Augusta County Will Book no. V, p. 345) Hugh Campbell’s estate appraised by John Gratoon, James Magill, and John Huston. Hugh Campbell was the husband of James Magill’s sister Esther.

1779 Estate Appraiser:385, p. 281. James Magill served as appraiser for the estate of Alexander Herring.

1798 Deposition:559, v. 2, p. 47-48 (Augusta County Court Judgments, April 1800, D to L) Edward Erwin vs. Wm. Curry--Trespass for diverting water. David Williams, Wm. Erwin and Joseph Curry live in Kentucky, 1st April, 1799. Deposition Wm. Erwin, Sr., 8th June, 1799, at the Courthouse of Lincoln County some years after the death of his uncle John Erwin. Ditto of Joseph Curry, 26th June, 1799, in Courthouse of Bourbon County, aged 51; in 1761 deponent came to Augusta from Ireland. Edward Erwin was his brother-in-law, present plaintiff. Wm. Curry, present defendant, is deponent's brother. Ditto of James Magill, Sr., 13th December, 1798. Aged 74 years.

1781 Land Grant:1102 On 1 February 1781 Thomas Jefferson, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, granted James McGill "220 acres on the south side of the North River of Shanandore adjoining the land he lives on" for the sum of twenty five shillings sterling. This land was in Rockingham County, Virginia.

Descendant Information

The descendants of this line are detailed in Greener Pastures, From the Tidewater to Texas and Beyond, by W. Wayne Rogers, published 1996.
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