Death17 May 1842, Lawrence Township, Tuscarawas County, Ohio1364, v. 2, p. 96 (issue: 11 June 1842) Age: 66
FatherHenry TAYLOR (~1738-1801)
MotherJane WHITE (~1746-1835)
Birth1782, York County, Pennsylvania1302, p. 5.
Death? Jan 1850, Tuscarawas County, Ohio2090 Age: 68
FatherAbraham MOSSER (~1751-1822)
MotherBarbara SHEELY (-1806)
Marriage18031302, p. 5.
ChildrenJohn (1805-1874)
 Henry (1808-1879)
 Matthew (1811-)
 Joseph (1812-1896)
 Mary Ann Barbara (1815-1850)
 Eliza (~1815-)
 Abraham (1819-1900)
 Salina Jane (1821-~1850)
Notes for John TAYLOR

Family Remembrance:1302, p. 19. "John Taylor and Mary Musser left Pennsylvania for Ohio; they settled in Tuscarawas County. But the Indians were so bad they went back to the fort at Wheeling, West Virginia to spend the winter. There John Taylor was born Nov. 22, 1805."

Biographical Sketch (1882):1315, p. 953. "John, the third son, settled on a part of the estate now owned by William Berry. He married Mary Good, [!] and after the sale removed to Tuscarawas County, Ohio."

1776 Approximate Birthdate:1364, v. 2, p. 96 (issue: 11 June 1842) Death mention in the Examiner, Washington County, Pennsylvania, indicates John Taylor was age 66 at the time of his death.

1790 U.S. Census:97, p. 245. John Taylor enumerated in the household of his father Henry Taylor as one of 6 males under the age of 16. John Taylor was age 12 in 1790.

1805 Relocation to Tuscarawas County, Ohio:1302, p. 24. "John Taylor left Washington County, Pennsylvania to Charlestown, Brook County, Virginia to Tuscarawas County, Ohio; met A. Mosser; kept tavern, moved back to Washington Co."

1810 U.S. Census:46, p. 269. Census for Tuscarawas County, Ohio, lost.

1812 John Taylor, Complainant vs. Abraham Mosser, Defendant:1169
On 24 August 1812, John Taylor filed a lawsuit against his father-in-law Abraham Mosser over land claims. Taking place over the course of the next year, testimony in the case provides information of genealogical relavance to John Taylor and family. The following excerpts are transcribed from the Chancery Record."At the commencement of the year one thousand eight hundred and five," John Taylor, the Orator, "was resident in the county of Washington in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, that while there resident, he was repeatedly urged by Abraham Mosser . . . to dispose of his Plantation in Washington County and remove with his family on to Lands of the said Mosser, father-in-law. . . . Your Orator returned to Washington to bring on his family. And your Orator further shows that he soon after, viz. on or about the month of August in the year one thousand eight hundred and five, started from Washington with his family and proceeded as far as Charlestown, Brook County, Virginia on this way to Tuscarawas County to settle on said land, being detained at Charlestown some time on account of indisposition in his family. . . . Your Orator returned with his family to Washington County and continued there until about two years past. . . . At length your Orator was induced by the said Mosser to move out and did in the month of July of the year one thousand eight hundred and nine move with his family on to the said four thousand acre tract." The case was ultimately settled on 26 August 1813 with a "decree that the Defendant Abraham Mosser do convey unto Mary Taylor, wife of the said John Taylor the Complainant, and to his heirs all the lands surveyed and set apart."

1818 Justice of the Peace:119, p. 565. John Taylor served as the local magistrate for Lawrence Township, Tuscarawas County.

1820 U.S. Census:1482
Ohio, Tuscarawas County, Lawrence Township
Head of Family •• John Taylor
Males under 10 •• 3 << Abraham, age 1; Joseph, age 8; Matthew, age 9
Males 10-15 •• 2 << Henry, age 12; John, age 15
Males 26-44 •• 1 << John, age 45
Females under 10 •• 2 << Eliza, about age 5; Mary Ann Barbara, age 5
Females 16-25 •• 1 << ????
Females 26-44 •• 1 << Mary Ann, age 38
Two people in this household are engaged in agriculture
Located close to Abraham Mosser1481 household.

1822 Abraham Mosser Estate:1626 On 25 January 1822, letters of administration were issued to John Taylor; these were revoked and re-issued to Henry Laffer in April 1822.

1830 U.S. Census:1493
Ohio, Tuscarawas County, Lawrence Township
Head of Family •• John Taylor
Males 10-15 •• 1 << son Abraham, age 11
Males 15-20 •• 1 << son Joseph, age 18
Males 50-60 •• 1 << John, age 55
Females 5-10 •• 1 << daughter Salina Jane, age 9
Females 10-15 •• 1 << daughter Eliza, age 13
Females 15-20 •• 1 << daughter Mary Ann Barbara, age 15
Female 40-50 •• 1 << wife Mary Ann, age 48

1832 Land Purchase:1629 On 1 May 1832, John Taylor purchased "lots numbered seven and eight in the Town of Lawrenceville" from the estate of Abraham Mosser, with Henry Laffer serving as administrator, for six dollars and twenty-five cents.

1837 Land Sale:1630 On 21 March 1837, John and Mary Taylor of Tuscarawas County sold to John Patton of the town of Bolivar, Ohio, "lots number seven and eight in the Town of Lawrenceville" for fifty dollars. John Taylor signed the deed; Mary Taylor signed with her mark.

1840 U.S. Census:1494
Tuscarawas County, Ohio (Lawrence Township)
Head of Family •• John Taylor
Males 20-30 •• 1 << Abraham, age 21
Males 60-70 •• 1 << John, age 65
Females 5-10 •• 1 << Salina Jane, age 9
Females 10-15 •• 1 << unidentified daughter
Females 15-20 •• 1 << Eliza, age 23
Females 50-60 •• 1 << Mary Ann, age 58
Two persons in this household were engaged in agriculture. Truby and Weaver families were living nearby, as was son Matthew Taylor,1495 based on the sequence of the census enumerator.

1842 Death Mention:1364, v. 2, p. 96 (issue: 11 June 1842) "Died at his residence in Tuscarawas County, Ohio on the 17th ult. [Note: 17 May 1842], John Taylor in the 66th year of his age. He was a few years ago a citizen of this county and his death is lamented by a large circle [sic] of acquaintances and numerous relations."

1842 Appointment of Estate Appraisers:1299 21 September 1842, Court of Common Pleas, Tuscarawas County, Ohio. On the estate of John Taylor Dec’d: on motion ordered that Letters of Administration be granted to Jacob Burton (the widow of said dec’d having declined administering) and that he give liens in the sum of two hundred dollars with Robert M. Mury and John Barnes as security. who are approved as such, and George Speaker, Milton Smith, and Michael Erasna are appointed to appraise said estate.

1843 Estate Inventory:1300 "Be it remembered that on the second day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty three, Jacob Barton, Adm. of the estate of John Taylor dec’d, filed in the office of the clerk of the Court of Common Pleas within the said county an inventory & appraisement & bills of sale of the goods and chattel belonging to the estate of John Taylor dec’d which inventory and bill of sale are in the words & figures following, to wit:

Inventory. A true and accurate inventory of the goods & chattel of Jno. Taylor late of this township of Lawrence in the County of Tuscarawas, Ohio, dec’d. are presented the undersigned George Speaker, Milton Smith, Michael Erasna appraisers appointed by the Court of Common Pleas of said county by Jacob Burton, Adm. of the estate of Jno. Taylor deceased this 24th day of November 1842. (Followed by list of items sold and administrative fees)."

1843 Final Account of Estate:1301 2 June 1843, final settlement of John Taylor estate. His widow was entitled to property, including livestock and household furnishings. Bushels of wheat, corn, and oats as well as cookware were set off for the "support for the widow and children" in the amount of $40. The accounts of property sold on 25 November 1842 include Abraham Taylor as a frequent purchaser (axe, desk, sheep, etc.); Mary Taylor and Joseph Taylor also made purchases.
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