NameJonathan MOREY Sr.
Birthabt 1633, Plymouth Colony23, p. 13.
Christening2 Feb 1637/38, Salem, Massachusetts Bay Colony23, p. 13. Age: 4
Death19 May 1708, Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts23, p. 13. Age: 75
FatherRoger MOREY (-1668)
MotherMary JOHNSON (1624-1679)
Birth1634, Plymouth Colony23, p. 13.
Death26 Sep 1692, Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts23, p. 13. Age: 58
FatherRobert BARTLETT (1603-1676)
MotherMary WARREN (~1610-1683)
Marriage8 Jul 1659, Plymouth Colony23, p. 13.
ChildrenJonathan (~1661-~1733)
 John (1666->1699)
 Hannah (~1675-<1729)
Birth4 Dec 1642, Scituate, Plymouth Colony384
Deathaft 12 May 1720384 Age: 77
Marriageabt 1694
Notes for Jonathan MOREY Sr.

Biographical Sketch (1969):6, p. 23. "Lieut. Jonathan Morey born about 1633 at Plymouth, Massachusetts, son of Roger Morey and his wife, who may have been Mary Johnson. He was baptised 2 February 1637-8 (VR Salem v.2:67). When his father and younger brothers and sisters removed to Providence, Rhode Island about 1649, following Roger Williams to the new plantations, Jonathan Morey remained at Salem.

Mary (Bartlett) (Foster) Morey died 26 September 1692 (Mayflower Descendant, v.16:63) and Jonathan Morey 19 May 1708 (Mayflower Descendant, v.16:64)."

Biographical Sketch (1956):384 "Jonathan Morey married second, about 1693-4, Hannah (Pincen) (Young) Witherell. She was born at Scituate, Mass., 4 Dec. 1642 [Scituate VR 1:296], daughter of Thomas Pincen. She married first, 15 Jan. 1661, George Young [Scituate VR, 2:399], by whom she had five children; and second, about 1673-4, John Witherell, by whom she had four children. John Witherell was named executor in his father-in-law's will dated 4 April 1689 but died a year or two after this date, probably in March 1691. Although no record of John Witherell's death has been found, his will dated 13 July 1690 was probated 17 March 1690/1 [Plymouth Probate 1:97]. His wife Hannah was named sole executrix. On 27 June 1694, Thomas Pincen Jr. and Hannah Morey, son and daughter of Thomas Pincen Sr., presented their father's will for probate 'for as much as ye executor (John Witherell) therein named died sometime before ye testator . . . Hannah (now Morey) wife of said executor is named executrix' of her father's estate. In his will [Plymouth Probate 1:196], he names all her children by both husbands.

It is evident from her age at death that she had no children by Jonathan Morey. Her date of death has not been seen but she was living 12 May 1720 when John Bumpas and wife Hannah acknowledged receipt of 'legacy of £8.6.8 from our honored mother . . . given to me by my father in his will.' [Plymouth Probate 4:219].

'Left. Jonathan Morey deceased 19 May 1708 being entered into 75 yer of his age' [Mayflower Descendant 16:64, Plymouth VR]. Abstract of his will dated 24 Feb. 1699, probated 16 June 1708 [Plymouth Probate 2:133]: To widow Hannah all her wearing cloth both lining [!] and wollen [!], also I give to her 2 oxen and 3 cows and 2 beds that she brought with her and also all the household stuff that she brought . . . and furthermore it is my wish that my wife may live in the improvement of all my housing and lands one year after my decease without disturbance or molestation. All the remainder of my estate both real and personal, my just debts and funeral charges being paid, to be equally divided into three parts: for my wife and my two children each one third, that is to say, my wife one third part, my son John Mory one third part, and my daughter Hannah Bumpas one third part, and it is my will and mind that my son Jonathan will pay in some convenient time after my decease the sum of 20 and 5 pounds in money, then he shall fully enjoy all ye remainder of my lands and meadows, which 5 and 20 pounds shall be equally divided to these three: my wife, my son John, and my daughter Hannah. He named his wife Hannah executrix.

Thus, according to his will, we learn that he had only three surviving children, and the three named above are the only children who appear in the records. Instances occur where all the children are not named in their father's will, but when that happened we can usually find references to them in deeds showing that they had received portions. The exact terms of a will often idnicate whether all the children are probably named or not."

1649 Parents Relocation to Rhode Island:"6, p. 3. "At the time of his parents removal to Rhode Island, Jonathan Morey was about sixteen years of age. He chose to remain at Plymouth, or soon removed from Salem to that town, for it was here that he spent his life.

1657 Warning:23, p. 13. "On 2 Feb. 1657/8 Jonathan Morey warned not to frequent the house of Richard Foster in his absence."

1659 Marriage:6, p. 3. On the 1st of July, 1659, he married the widow Mary (Bartlett) Foster, born about 1634 at Plymouth, the daughter of Robert Bartlett and Mary Warren, the latter the daughter of Richard Warren of the Mayflower.

1669 Damages Levied:6, p. 22. As her authority, Sherwood cites Plymouth Colony Records (Records of Colony of New Plymouth, edited by Shurtleff, 1855) v. 7, 29 October 1669. "Before Justices Thomas Prence, gov., John Aldin, William Bradford, etc. - on behalf of the town of Plymouth, against (others) and Jonathan Morey, damages of thirty pounds for non-payment of twenty pounds due said town for two years’ rent for lands and meddows attached or neare Agawamm. Jury found for plaintiff and fined all twenty pounds, 10 shillings and costs."

1681/2 Jury Service:6, p. 22. As her authority, Sherwood cites Plymouth Colony Records (Records of Colony of New Plymouth, edited by Shurtleff, 1855) v. 7, p. 246, 7 March 1681-2. "Jonathan Morey on jury and again 31 October 1682."

1681/2 Attorney Service:6, p. 22. As her authority, Sherwood cites Plymouth Colony Records (Records of Colony of New Plymouth, edited by Shurtleff, 1855) v. 7, p. 246, 7 March 1681-2. "Jonathan Morey acted as attorney for William Connett, Indian, in charges of trespass. Jury found the land was actually owned by Connett and parties came to agreement without court action."

1683 Freeman:6, p. 22. As her authority, Sherwood cites Plymouth Colony Records (Records of Colony of New Plymouth, edited by Shurtleff, 1855) v. 8. "Jonathan Morey declared a freeman of New Plymouth 1683 (?)."

1691 Formation of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:15, p. 347. "Plymouth Colony divided into three counties in 1685. The entire colony joined with Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1691 to form the commonwealth."

1692 Death of Wife Mary:384 "Mary, wife of Jonathan Mory Sr. deceased 26 Sept. 1692 [Mayflower Descendant 16:63, Plymouth VR]."

1708 Death:6, p. 22. As her authority, Sherwood cites The Mayflower Descendant, v. 16, 1914, p. 64. "Left. Jonathan Mory, Dec. 19 May 1708, being entered into the 75th yr. of his age."

1708 Will:23, p. 13. "The will of Jonathan Morey of Plymouth dated 24 Feb. 1699/1700, proved 26 June 1708, names wife Hannah; son John; dau. Hannah Bumpas; son Jonathan."
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