NameSamuel BITLER
Birthabt 3 Oct 1829, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania296
Death12 May 1889, Wapakoneta, Auglaize County, Ohio296 Age: 59
BurialSt. Johns Cemetery, Union Township, Auglaize County, Ohio803,171, v. 1, bk. 2, p. 261.
OccupationMilling, banking, grain296
MilitaryCivil War, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 99th, Co. K296
FatherDaniel BITLER Sr. (1783-1840)
MotherElizabeth CLEVENSTINE (1785-1851)
Birthabt 1832, Ohio1522,171, v. 1, bk. 2, p. 261.
Death18 Apr 1853, St. Johns, Clay Township, Auglaize County, Ohio171, v. 1, bk. 2, p. 261. Age: 21
BurialSt. Johns Cemetery, Union Township, Auglaize County, Ohio171, v. 1, bk. 2, p. 261.
Marriage8 Jun 1848, Auglaize County, Ohio1739
Birthabt 26 Sep 1836171, v. 1, bk. 2, p. 261.,1666
Death27 Apr 1871, Wapakoneta, Auglaize County, Ohio638, p. 16 (Vashtia Bitler, Probate Court Death Records, v. 1, p. 26) Age: 34
BurialSt. Johns Cemetery, Union Township, Auglaize County, Ohio171, v. 1, bk. 2, p. 261.
Marriage3 Jan 1856, Auglaize County, Ohio1741
ChildrenGilbert (~1860-)
 Grant (~1866-)
Marriage2 Nov 1871, Auglaize County, Ohio1778
Notes for Samuel BITLER

Biographical Sketch (1880):32, p. 28. "Samuel Bitler, the youngest member of the Bitler family, was born October, 1829, and was five years old when his father came to this county. His education was received in a cabin school. In 1848 he married Susanna Coleman, who died in April, 1855. The following year he married Vastia Bailey, who died in 1871, leaving three children who still survive. He married Augusta Mayer, his present wife, in 1871. In 1855 he opened a store in St. Johns. This business, in connection with stock dealing, was conducted until 1862, when he entered the army, where he continued until the close of the war. In 1865 he moved to Wapakoneta and engaged in the milling and grain business during the four following years. On Jan. 1, 1870, he entered the banking business, in which he is still engaged. He is also a stockholder in the Wapakoneta Spoke and Wheel Manufacturing Company."

Biographical Sketch (1905):27, p. 623-624. "Samuel Bitler, the youngest son of Daniel and Elizabeth Bitler, was born in Franklin County, Ohio, in October, 1829. Samuel was five years old when his father moved to Auglaize county. The family settled in St. Johns in 1834, where Samuel attended school in the typical log school-house of that time. Like all other pioneers of that period he experienced all the hardships attendant upon the settlement of a new country. At the age of nineteen he was first married to Miss Susanna Coleman who died in 1871 [i.e. 1851]. The following year he married Vastia Bailey, who died in 1876, leaving three children who still survive. In 1878 he married Miss Augusta Mayer, who is still living. In 1855 he opened a store in St. Johns, in which business in connection with buying and selling stock, he prospered. In 1862 he entered the army, in which he served as captain of Company K of the 99th Ohio Volunteer Infantry until the close of the war. Upon his return from the army he moved to Wapakoneta and engaged in the milling and grain business during the four years following. On January 1st, 1870, he engaged in a banking business, which was continued until 1887, when he closed his bank and engaged in other pursuits. He died in Wapakoneta, May 12th, 1889."

1829 Birth:171, v. 1, bk. 2, p. 261. Assumed to be Union Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania based on 1820 and 1830 census of household in that county. Daniel and Elizabeth are believed to have moved to Franklin County about 1832. Birth date of 3 October 1829 estimated from age at death (59 years 7 months 9 days) on tombstone in St. Johns Cemetery, Union Township, Auglaize County, Ohio.

1848 Marriage:13, v. 1, p. 99. Marriage to Susanah Coleman on June 8, 1848.

1848 Land Owner:375 Samuel Bitler Jr. listed in 1848 as land owner in Union Township.

1850 U.S. Census:1522
Auglaize County, Ohio (Clay Township)
Enumerated 21 August 1850
Samuel Bitler •• 20, male, farmer, real estate value $1,200, born in Pennsylvania
Susanah •• 18, female, born in Ohio
Eli •• 8 months, male, born in Ohio
Elizabeth •• 62, female, born in Pennsylania
Andrew Hamilton •• 6, male, born in Ohio, attended school within the year
Dorcas Page •• 60, female, black, born in Virginia
Three adjoining families are Coleman’s, including James H. Coleman, age 54, and Mary A. Coleman, age 40, who are likely to be Susannah Coleman’s parents.

1850s Teacher:27, p. 717. "John Corder, James H. Coleman, Samuel Bitler and Arthur Bitler were the pioneer teachers of the township."

1851 Land Purchase:596 Samuel Bitler, Auglaize County, purchased land from Daniel and Damaris Snyder, Auglaize County, on January 25, 1851 for $750.

1862-65 Ohio 99th Volunteer Infantry Regiment:32, p. 46. "The 99th O.V.I. was mustered into service Aug. 26, 1862, and included one company from Auglaize County. It left Camp Lima Aug. 31, under orders to report at Lexington, Ky. It participated against Bragg in the retreat to Wild Cat, then marched against John Morgan, who was pushed from his own ground, but without any significant result. Again it moved toward Nashville, took part in the battle of Stone River, and advanced on Murfreesboro’. It next operated in the Tennessee and Sequatchie Valleys but moved in time to engage in the battle of Chickamauga. It afterward entered Lookout Valley, engaged in the ‘battle above the clouds,’ and the following day swept over Mission Ridge. After these engagements it went into camp until it moved in the Atlanta campaign, when it participated in the battles of Kenesaw and Pine Mountain, Atlanta, Jonesboro’, and Lovejoy. It then started in pursuit of Hood, via Resaca to Duck River, and after opening communications, was ordered to Franklin. From here it proceeded to Nashville, where it took a position in front of the city, and moved against Hood’s entrenchments. The entrenchments were carried and the rebel guns turned upon the retreating army, which was pursued as far as Columbia. Here the 99th was consolidated with the 50th Ohio, after which it moved to Wilmington, Kingston, Goldsboro’, Raleigh, Greensboro’, and was finally mustered out at Salisbury, N.C., June 26, 1865."

1870 U.S. Census:1666
Auglaize County, Ohio (Wapakoneta Village)
Enumerated 12 July 1870
Samuel Bitler •• 40, male, white, banker, real estate value $4,000, personal property value $15,000, born in Pennsylvania, married, eligible to vote
Vastia A. •• 33, female, white, keeping house, born in Ohio, married
Gilbert •• 10, male, white, at home, born in Ohio
Grant •• 4, male, white, at home, born in Ohio
Frank •• 9 months, white, at home, born in Ohio

1877 Robbery:1405,1311,1312 According to a 27 September 1877 article in The Auglaize Democrat Samuel Bitler and his nephew Arthur Bitler were instrumental in solving a robbery of the Auglaize County treasury that occurred on 5 September 1877 by the County Treasurer, Lewis Myers. The incident was described in the New York Times on both 7 September 1877 and 28 September 1877.

1880 U.S. Census:2170
Auglaize County, Ohio (Wapakoneta)
Enumerated 11 June 1880
Samuel Bitler •• white, male, age 50, married, banker, born in Pennsylvania, father born in Pennsylvania, mother born in Pennsylvania
Augusta •• white, female, age 28, wife, married, keeping house, born in Wurtemburg, father born in Wurtemburg, mother born in Wurtemburg
Frank •• white, male, age 11, son, single, at school, born in Ohio, father born in Pennsylvania, mother born in Ohio
Ida •• white, female, age 8, daughter, single, at school, born in Ohio, father born in Pennsylvania, mother born in Wurtemburg
Fred •• white, male, age 4, son, single, born in Ohio, father born in Pennsylvania, mother born in Wurtemburg
Catharine Krantzer •• white, female, age 27, servant, single, born in Ohio, father born in Hesse Darmstadt, mother born in Hesse Darmstadt
[Note: sons Gilbert and Grant were enumerated in the 1880 U.S. census in the household of their uncle Sylvester Bitler2135 in Madison Township, Greenwood County, Kansas.]

1889 Obituary:296 Died. Bitler. On Sunday May 12th, at the Central Hotel, of general debility, Samuel Bitler aged 59 years, 7 months, and 9 days. The funeral was taken in charge by Kyle Post, G. A. R., of which deceased was a member. The services at St. Johns were conducted by Rev. D. F. Helms, of the Wapakoneta M. E. Church. Samuel Bitler was the youngest of five sons and five daughters of Daniel Bitler and Mary Stein. Deceased was born in Schuylkill County, Pa., October 3d, 1829. In 1832 the family moved to Columbus, Ohio, and in 1844 [i.e. 1834] settled near St. Johns, now in Auglaize County. The family consisted of the father and mother, William (father of Mary Baughman, Christ, now in Colorado, Arthur, of Wapakoneta, Hannah Rogers, Elizabeth Bryan, Lucy Fritz, Elmira Purdy, Mahala, and Samuel, now in Texas, Henry, deceased, Daniel, now in Kansas, Eli, deceased, Samuel, the subject of this sketch, Katie Neil, Christena Morehead, and Lucy Looney. Daniel, senior, father of the deceased, died in 1840. Samuel engaged in business in St. Johns in 1859 and continued until the breaking out of the war, when he enlisted in the 99th O. V. I. and was made captain of Company K. He served through the war and returned to Auglaize County in the summer of 1865. He then engaged in the milling business with George Fisher. The partnership continued until September 1869, when he was succeeded in the business by his nephew Arthur. In January 1879 he engaged in the banking business in which he continued until January 1884. In November 1881 he also engaged in the grain business, in which he continued until January 1884. His first wife was Susannah Coleman, to whom he was married in 1849. She bore him one child which died in infancy. This wife survived until 1851. In 1852 he married Vastia Bailey, who bore him three sons, Gilbert, Grant and Frank in 1868. He was married to Gusta Meyer in 1870, by whom two children were born, Ida and Fred. In 1884 he returned to Wapakoneta where he has since resided.

1889 Obituary:546 Samuel Bitler. The death of Mr. Samuel Bitler occurred at this place on Sunday morning May 12, at his rooms in the Central Hotel. Mr. Bitler was perhaps one of the best known citizens in Auglaize County, having been identified with its political and business interests for more than a quarter of a century. He was born in Pennsylvania October 3, 1829, and came to Auglaize County in 1834, locating in St. Johns. When the dark days of the rebellion came on and scenes of death and carnage were rife in our land, threatening the destruction of our civil government, he was one of the first to enlist in the cause of liberty and right and went as captain in 1863, serving throughout and was recognized as a true fearless man. Where danger was and where bullets were flying thickest he was always to be found. He knew not fear and death to him had no terrors. In the cause of right and justice he never flinched. He was known as one of the bravest of the brave. After the war had ceased and the shackles of 4,000,000 slaves had fallen from them and white winged peace again hovered over the land, he returned to his home and shortly engaged in the avocations of a business life. In this line he displayed remarkable ability and was during ‘76 and ‘77 classed among the wealthiest men in the county. Several fine business blocks and numerous resident properties in this place stand as monuments of his prosperity. But there came a day when through the treachery of alleged friends and the reverses of fortune he lost all and for the succeeding years prior to his death he was almost penniless as compared to his former munificent state. While in business at this place he was ever the friend to the poor and people by the score are under obligations to him for favors. As a friend and benefactor to the needy no more generous man ever lived in our town. On Tuesday his funeral took place at St. Johns and it was the largest procession that ever followed one of our citizens to his final resting place, thus attesting their respect for a noble man and a tried friend. The ceremony at the church in St. Johns was very affecting and the church was crowded to suffocation, not one-third of the people being able to gain admission. The procession formed headed by the Germania Band and Kyle Post and marched to the cemetery, stopping in front of his brother William’s residence that he might take a final look at the remains. This was one of the most affecting scenes we have ever witnessed. Wm. Bitler is in his 84th year and is so infirm that he was unable to go to the church. At the cemetery Kyle Post took charge of the ceremonies and he was buried with the honors of war. His memory will long be revered as a brave, honest man and a friend to those in misfortune. May he sleep in peace.

1889 Tombstone:171, v. 1, bk. 2, p. 261.,803 St. Johns Cemetery, Union Township, Auglaize County, Ohio.
Samuel Bitler
d. May 12, 1889
59y 7m 9d
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