Birth27 May 1603, Puddletown, County Dorset, England23, p. 5.
Death1676, Plymouth Colony23, p. 5. Age: 72
OccupationWine cooper970
Birthabt 1610, England23, p. 5.
Death27 Mar 1683, Plymouth Colony23, p. 5. Age: 73
FatherRichard WARREN (-1628)
MotherElizabeth WALKER (~1580-1673)
ChildrenBenjamin (<1633-1691)
 Rebecca (<1634-~1657)
 Mary (1634-1692)
 Sarah (-<1680)
 Joseph (~1639-1712)
 Elizabeth (~1643-1713)
 Lydia (1648-1691)
 Mercy (1651-)
Notes for Robert BARTLETT

1673 Will:970 On 14/24 July, 1673, Robert Bartlett, by deed of gift, conveyed to his son Joseph Bartlett his dwelling and lands at Eel River, with the condition that Joseph was not to take possession Until after the death of both his father and his mother. The deed follows: Know all men by these prsents, that I Robert Bartlett, of the Towne of Plymouth in the Jurisdiction of Plymouth in New England, in America wine Cooper; That for divers Good Causes and Considerations, mee therunto moveing, have out of my owne motion and out of that love Good will, and fatherly affection, which I have and doe beare unto my son Joseph Bartlett; have absolutely Given Graunted alliened enfeofed and Confeirmed; and by these presents doe Give Graunt allien enfeof and Confeirm from mee the said Robert Bartlett and my heires; To him my said son Joseph Barllett hee his heires and assignes for ever; all that my farme Messeuage teniment and seate, which I Now live in and am possessed off, in the Township of Plymouth aforsaid; scittuate and being att a place or river Comonly calld the Eelriver: viz: all that my house and land ther; being bounded with the lands of Nathanel: Warren deceased; now in the tenor and Occupaition of Mistris Sarah warren widdow; on the Northerly side and with the Land of Richard ffoster now in the tenor and occupation of Jonathan Morey on the southerly side, Containing two lotts or shares of land being in breadth forty pole; between the forenamed boundaries abuting on She Eelriver aforsaid and extendeth it selfe, for its length up towards the Pyne hills, To a place ordinarily Called and knowne by the Name of the Little Pyne hills; as alsoe foure acrees more or lesse, of marsh meddow appertaining therunto lying and being att the Eelriver aforsaid; by the Riversyde against the land of Nathaniel: Warren, before mensioned; Together with a peece of ffresh or upland meddow, being two acres (be it more or lesse) lying and being att or neare Mannomett ponds, in the Township of Plymouth aforsaid; neare unto the place wher hee the said my son Joseph Bartlett, now dweleth; which was somtimes the meddow of Richard; Church lying adjoyning to a brooke Called; The beaver dam brooke, between the said brooke, and the maine brooke, extending it selfe, for the length of it up the said brooke; To have and to hold all that my said house and land, with the foure acrees more or lesse of Marsh Meddow, and the two acrees more or lesse of upland meddow; with all and singulare the appurtenances therunto belonging unto the said my son Joseph Bartlett; To him and his heires and assienes for ever; The said prmises viz: all that my said ffarme with my house theron, with the said four acrees of marsh meddow, with the two acrees (more or lese) of upland or ffresh meddow, with all and singular the houses outhouses and ffences in and Upon the said farme seats or teniment with all and singulare the woods waters profitts and privilidges emunities and emoluments, belonging therunto or to the said two prsells of Meddow forenamed; and all and singulare my Right title or Interest off and Into the same, to belong and appertaine unto the onely proper use and behoof of him my said son Joseph Bartlett; To him and his heires and assignes for ever, ffree and cleare and Clearly acquitted, off and from all other and former Gifts Graunts bargaines sales Ingagments Incomberances or Intanglements whatsoever; and to be holden offour Sovr Lord the Kinge as off his manor of East Greenwich in the Countey of Kent in the realme of England, in free and comon soccage, and not in capite, nor by Knights service, nor by the rents and services therof, and therby due and of Right accustomed, with warrantice against all prsons that by my Right or title, might claime any Rght or title off or into the said prmises or any prte or prsell therof, alwaies provided; and that by these prsents it be Clearly understood that the said my son Joseph Bartlett shall not enter upon the posession of the said my house land and meddowes, untill the decease of both mee and my wife, Mary Bartlett, or upon any prte or prsell therof, nor any for him; but att the decease of both mee and my said wife; hee his heires or assignes, is to have hold use occupy Inheritt and Injoy the same with all and singulare the appurtenances privilidges and emunities belonging therunto without any lawfull suite deniall Interuption or eviction or disturbance whatsoever lawfully claiming from by or under mee the said Robert Bartlett; or by my meanes acte privity Consent or procurement; and I the said Robert Bartlett doe heerby Give and Graunt libertie unto the said my son Joseph Bartlett, either by him selfe or his Attorny to Record and Inrole these prsents, or to Cause them to be recorded or Inroled in his Maties court of Plymouth aforsaid, or in any other place or court of Records according to the usuall manor of Recording or Inroling deeds and evidences of land in such Case made and provided; In witnes wherof I the said Robert Bartlett have heerunto subscribed my hand and affixed my seale this fourteenth of July 1673 one Thousand six hundred seaventy and three;

Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of Willam Clarke Robert Bartlett R his marke Nathaniel: Morton; and a (seale)

This deed of Gift was acknowlided by Robert Bartlett senir this 24th day of July 1673 before mee Constant Southworth Assistant; [Col. Deeds, 111: 301] Mary (Warren) Bartlett, wife of Robert, receipted for her share of her mother's estate on 4/14 March, 1673/4. [Mayflower Descendant, III: 5 1]

1676 Estate Inventory:1800 The Inventory of the estate of Robert Bartlett exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth the 29th of October 1676 on the oath of Mary Bartlett widdow
L s d
Impr: his wearing Clothes 05 00 00
Item 2 bedds 2 bolsters and 5 pillowes 3 paire of blanketts 2 Ruggs 08 00 00
Item 5 paire of sheets and 3 paire of pillowbeers 05 06 00
Item 4 Napkins and a smale Table Cloth 00 06 00
Item 1 bed and bolster and a paire of blanketts and 2 Rugg and 5 paire of sheets 06 00 00
Item homspon Cloth 33 yards 05 00 00
Item silver mony 3L 03 00 00
Item 3 Iron potts and an Iron kettle a skillett a frying pan 01 05 00
Item pewter and spoones 00 08 00 *
Item one skillett and warming pan 01 00 00
Item 2 hakes 2 paire of pothookes and a spitt a paire of tongues and a driping pan 01 00 00
Item 4 Chests 01 00 00
Item bookes 00 07 00
Item 2 dwelling? houses and a barne vpland and meddow 100 00 00
Item meate Cattle 2 oxen 05 10 00
Itemm old Cart and wheels and a plow & Chaine Copprings and staple bolts and shakells donge forke
pitch forkes syth and siekle 01 00 00
Item Cart Rope and horse Geires 00 05 00
Item 7 meat Cattle 12 00 00
Item 3 horse kind 1 mare 03 00 00
Item 2 smale swine 00 06 00
Item old lumber 01 05 00
Item an old saddle and a panell 00 10 00
Item debts due from the estate 01 17 00
Item debts due to the estate 06 11 06
Taken by vs Ianuary the 24th 1676 Ioseph Warren, Thomas Faunce
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