NameAbraham BAUGHMAN
Birthbetween 1749 and 1750, Bucks County, Pennsylvania69, p. 109.,1046, v. 2, p. 785.,73, p. 1.
DeathJan 1827, Richland County, Ohio69, p. 109. Age: 78
FatherHenry BACHMAN (1717->1792)
MotherElizabeth —— (-<1788)
Marriageabt 177373, p. 1.
ChildrenJohn (1775-1837)
 Adam (1778-1853)
 Abraham (~1780-1848)
 Jacob (1792-1855)
 George (Never married) (-1850)
Notes for Abraham BAUGHMAN

Henrich Bachman, father of Abraham, immigrated as a newborn or infant in 1717.671 Abraham was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania where the family lived around 1750. Stories of an Atlantic Ocean birth likely refer to his father Henrich, rather than to Abraham.

Biographical Sketch (1880):1208, p. 689. "Abraham [Baughman] was born on the Atlantic Ocean when his parents were en route for America. He married Mary Catharine Deeds and removed from Cumberland to Washington County, Pennsylvania, and afterward to Richland County, Ohio, settling in Monroe Township in 1811; they had five sons and three daughters — Adam, John, Abraham, Jacob, and George, and Catharine, Elizabeth, and Lovace; Catharine married a Mr. Black, of Tuscarawas County; Elizabeth married a Mr. Stewart, and removed to Tennessee, and Lovace married a Mr. Gayman, of Pittsburgh; Adam married a Miss Huffman and removed to Plain Township, Franklin County, Ohio, and he and his wife are both interred on the Baughman farm there, where they lived and where they died; John married Elizabeth Wyandt, and settled in Wayne County, Ohio, and the township in which he lived was named for him; Abraham married Susan Wyandt, and settled in Monroe Township, Richland County, Ohio, where he died in 1848; his children were Margaret, wife of John Wolfe; David, married to Rebecca Wolfe; John, Married to Catharine Castator; Aaron, married to Catherine Schrack; Peter, married to Eliza Wyandt; George, married to Minerva Merrell; Elizabeth, wife of Simon McDaniel; William, married to Rachel Slater; Abraham, married to Eliza Wrigton; Susanna; Simon, married to Susan Mercer. Jacob Baughman married Elizabeth Cunningham; his life was principally passed in Monroe Township, Richland County, where he died March 20, 1865, aged 63 years. They had five children — Mary C., married to Abraham Lash; Hannah L., married to David Herring; Margaret A., married to Freeman Carlile; Abraham J. and Sarah E.; the two latter remain single and live with their mother; they are printers, and publish the Mansfield Call; they have also published the Cleveland Temple Visitor, Mansfield (Ohio) Liberal, Canal Fulton Herald and Medina Democrat. George Baughman never married and died in 1850."

Biographical Sketch (1908):1046, v. 2, p. 785-786. "Abraham Baughman . . . was born on the Atlantic Ocean as his parents were coming from Wurtemberg, Germany, to America. Upon the arrival of the Baughman family in America they settled for a while in the Cumberland Valley in Pennsylvania. In time, Abraham Baughman, the child that was born on the Atlantic Ocean, arrived at manhood and was married to Mary Katherine Deeds, and to this union eight children were born, five sons and three daughters, namely: Adam, John, Abraham, Jacob and George. The daughters were Katharine, Lovace, and Elizabeth. Adam Baughman married a Miss Huffman, of Pittsburg; John married Betsy Weyant, a sister of his brother John’s wife; Jacob married Elizabeth Cunningham, the eldest daughter of Captain James Cunningham, who was a Richland County pioneer; George Baughman never married. They are all now deceased. Of the daughters, Katharine married a Mr. Black, of Tuscarawas County; Lovace married a Mr. Gayman, of Pittsburg; and Elizabeth married a Mr. Zimmerman, of Tennessee.

In about 1803 Abraham Baughman and family removed from Cumberland to Washington County, in the same state, then to Ohio, where they became the first settlers in the valley of the Blackfork of the Mohican, near the old Indian village of Greentown. The exact date of their locating here is not known, but the early historians place it at not later than 1807, and possibly earlier.

Of grandfather Abraham Baughman’s sons, after their marriage, Adam settled in Franklin County, near New Albany. John settled in Wayne county, east of Wooster, and the township where he located was named in his honor. Abraham came to Wayne county to visit his brother John, married Miss Weyant and later joined his father’s family in Monroe township, Richland County. Jacob Baughman, after the death of his parents married and resided the greater part of his life in Monroe township. He died in 1855 and was buried in Perrysville Cemetery. George Baughman died in 1850 and is also buried at Perrysville."

Biographical Sketch (1901):1191, p. 528. "Abraham Baughman was born on the Atlantic ocean during the sail voyage of his parents from Germany to America. He married Mary Katherine Deeds and they were the parents of eight children — five sons and three daughters."

1810 Relocation to Richland County, Ohio:1208, p. 233-234. "Just what date Abraham Baughman and John Davis came [to Greentown, Richland County, Ohio] has not been ascertained; but they came to the neighborhood of Greentown at a very early date; it might have been before 1807, but there is no evidence of it. They are mentioned in Knapp’s history as being here before Peter Kinney, who arrived in 1810."

1810 Neighbors:1208, p. 656. "Abraham Baughman and John Davis were among the earliest settlers of this township [i.e. Green Township] — perhaps the earliest. They were here when Peter Kinney arrived in 1810; how long they had been here, or where they came from, does not appear. Baughman, who was a man of family, lived near Greentown, while Davis, who was a widower and kept ‘bachelor’s hall," settled on Section 31."

"Abraham Baughman bought a calf of an Indian on one occasion. The next spring, the Indian came to Baughman’s, saw that the calf had grown and improved, and remarked, ‘Say, Baughman, calf growed much; want more money.’ Baughman though it was best to gratify the Indian, and did so. The next spring, the Indian again returned, making use of the same language. Baughman again yielded, but to prevent a like repetition the following year, he fatted the calf and killed it."1208, p. 839.

1819 Tax List:1208, p. 541. Abraham Baughman appears on tax duplicate list of Monroe Township, Richland County, Ohio, along with George and Jacob Baughman.
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