Birthabt 1725836
Relocatedby 1790, Lincoln County, Kentucky1058, p. 183. Age: 65
Deathbetween 22 May 1813 and 8 Jul 1816, Lincoln County, Kentucky836,1021 Age: 91
FatherWilliam MAGILL (~1690-1749)
Deathbef 18131021
FatherJames PATTERSON (-~1741)
MarriageFeb 1749, Augusta County, Virginia559, v. 2, p. 275 (Augusta County Marriage Licenses)
ChildrenWilliam (1750-1813)
 James (1753-1825)
 Elizabeth (1755-1843)
 Samuel (-<1813)
 John (1759-1842)
 David (ca1750-)
 Hugh (-<1813)
Notes for John MAGILL

J. Houston Harrison in his Settlers By the Long Grey Trail385, p. 267. (Dayton, Virginia, J. K. Ruebush, 1935) postulates on p. 267-268 that John Magill was married to Agnes Cravens, the daughter of Robert and Mary Cravens, based on John Magill's service as an executor for the estate of Mary Cravens upon her death in 1781. There is no proof of any relationship between John Magill and Agnes Cravens beyond this supposition by Harrison.

1749 Marriage:1061, p. 2.,559, v. 2, p. 275 (Augusta County Marriage Licenses) "John Magill, Sr., secured a marriage license in Augusta County, Virginia. The name of the wife, who ten years later was to become the mother of John Magill, the Kentucky author and historian, is not recorded."

1755 Tax List, Augusta County, Virginia:559, v. 2, p.416-417 (Augusta County Tax Delinquents) John McGill is listed as delinquent on the Augusta County tax list of Robert Breckenridge, Sheriff.

1758 Military Service:1061, p. 2. "John Magill, Sr., was listed as one of the Colonial soldiers and pensioners of Old Frederick county, which adjoined Augusta County on the northeast in the Valley of Virginia."

1759 Land Patent:559, v. 3, p. 534 (Augusta County Deed Book no. 19, p. 482) Patent to John Magill, 12 May 1759.

1760 Church Tithe:559, v. 2, p. 465 (Augusta Parish Vestry Book, p. 295) Church tithe for John McGill collected by Processioners John Hopkins and David Ralston, in Capt. Ephraim Love’s company.

1761 Land Sale:559, v. 3, p. 373 (Augusta County Deed Book 9, p. 431) John and Mary Magill sell 120 acres of land for £24, part of 300 acres patented to John on 12 May 1759 on North River of Sanandoe. John McClure’s land is opposite James Magill’s land.

1767/68 Church Tithe:559, v. 2, p. 456 (Augusta County Vestry Book, p. 444) Tithe for John McGill collected by Processioners Robert Cravens and Jeremiah Harrison.

1769 Attorney:559, v. 1, p. 154 (Augusta County Court Records, Order Book, no. XIII, p. 75) On 21 March 1769, John Magill qualified as attorney at law.

1775 Estate Executor:559, v. 3, p. 140 (Augusta County Will Book no. V, p. 342) John Magill served as an Executor for the estate of Hugh Campbell, husband of John’s sister Esther.

1781 Estate Executor:385, p. 267. John Magill served as an Executor for the estate of Mary Cravens, widow of Robert Cravens. Samuel Hemphill, married to the couple's daughter Mary, also was an Executor for the estate, giving rise to some speculation that John Magill may have been married to another Cravens daughter.

1782 Relocation to Lincoln County, Kentucky:1061, p. 4-5. "The elder John Magill, father of John Magill, the pioneer and Revolutionary Soldier, came from Augusta County, to Lincoln County, Virginia (now Kentucky), and settled near Stanford, Kentucky. He was a lawyer, a man of some property and parts. He died in Lincoln County in 1816. His children were: William, James, John, the author, David, Hugh, Elizabeth France [sic], and Anne Daugherty. His will was written May 2, 1813, and was probated in the Lincoln County Court, July 8, 1816. His executors were: John Magill, the son of his brother William, and John Walkup. He left no property to his son John Magill of Franklin County, Kentucky. His estate was finally settled on February 7, 1837. It consisted principally of land, 142 acres, which when sold at $13.50 per acres realized the sum of $1,917.00."

1783 Land Grant:974, p. 49. On 21 April 1783 John McGill received two land grants in Lincoln County, Kentucky: 2,000 acres on Buck Creek (subsequently withdrawn) and 416 acres on Paint Lick Creek.

1787 Tax List, Lincoln County, Kentucky:1273, p. 84. John McGill listed as taxpayer in Lincoln County, Kentucky in 1787.

1790 Land Grant:974, p. 49. On 8 March 1790 John Magill received two land grants in Lincoln County, Kentucky: 2,000 acres on Buck Creek and 250 acres on the Green River.

1790 Tax List, Lincoln County, Kentucky:1066, p. 63. John McGill listed in Lincoln County, Kentucky, Tax List on 15 April 1790.

1790 Land Grant:974, p. 49. On 27 August 1790 John Magill received a land grant in Lincoln County, Kentucky: 250 acres on the Green River.

1813 Will:1021 In his will written 22 May 1813, John Magill mentions his "beloved sons William, James, John, and David, and to my daughters Elizabeth Frame and Anne Daugherty to each one dollar, also to the widow and heirs of my son Hugh Magill, deceased, for the support and education of said heirs I give and bequeath the use of the land on which I now live with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging . . . I likewise constitute and appoint John Magill, son to William Magill, and John Walkup sole Executors . . . "

1816 Will Probated:1021 Will of John Magill probated in Lincoln County, Kentucky on 8 July 1816. John Magill, son of William Magill, was designated as Executor, with John Walkup as alternate.
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